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Ways to fight depression

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Go for a walk

Scientists have already established links between exercise and feeling good. During exercise, hormones like dopamine endorphins are released. These are known as feel-good hormones. They can help you if you’re suffering from mild to moderate depression.


Even though exercising when you’re depressed may seem very difficult, if you can drive yourself to do some exercises, it will help you to feel better. When you cannot go for vigorous exercise like running or exercising in the gym, you can always go for something easier, such as walking. Even a little brisk walk will help you to improve your mood. If possible, try a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day. Do it five times a week and see the positive influence it has on your depression. If it is possible, walk with someone you care about. It will release the love hormone oxytocin in the brain, which will improve your mood.

Learn relaxation techniques

To attack the psychological aspects of depression, you need relaxation techniques. Relaxing the muscles and deep breathing are some of the relaxation techniques that will help you to improve your mood. Deep, slow and rhythmic breathing will help you to calm your mind and fight depression. Inhale air through the nose and exhale through your mouth. Deep muscle relaxation is a relaxation technique that helps everyone. It relaxes your body deeply. Yoga and tai chi are also some good ways to relax your body. It is always better to take a class because that way you can meet some more people.

Divide tasks into small steps

Dividing tasks into smaller steps will help you to fight depression. In depression, a very common symptom is the feeling of being overwhelmed. You may feel overwhelmed even by your day to day tasks. Once you feel overwhelmed by your daily tasks, you may become withdrawn and less active. The best way to fight it is to break down the big activity into some small activities which can easily be done. Write down the things in a step-by-step list form and tried to complete only one thing at a time. It will also benefit you by giving you the feeling of getting more things done when you complete the things from the list.

Connect with more people

Depression results in withdrawal and people suffering from depression cut themselves off from the outside world. They start to talk less and become less sociable. This can be a vicious cycle and the less time you spend with other people, the less time you want to spend with other people. That is why you need to socialize and connect with more people even though you don’t want to.

Connection is a basic emotional need and without it you will have other psychological problems. At the first signs of depression, it is very important that you start building relationship with other people. You can start being that from your family, friends and loved ones. It will be a support network and it will be very much necessary for you. Talk to other people about your problems and if necessary get their help.

Challenge negative thoughts

When you are depressed, negative thinking becomes the normal thing for you. But negative thinking and obsessing on thoughts which are not helpful will not help you in any way. These are the two common symptoms of depression.

What you need to do is shift focus of your mind. If you need to reclaim your power over your mind and body, you will need to shift your focus and look at the problem from a different perspective. It works.

Identify your thoughts and challenge your negative thoughts. It won’t be easier but neither is getting out of depression. If you focus your attention towards gratitude, you will start to feel better and you will see the positive aspects of your life. It will help you to see how blessed your life is in comparison to many other people.

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