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Skinny fat

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Skinny fat

Skinny fat is a person who is under lean but over fat, who does not have enough muscles and has too much fat, especially belly fat. If your thin and out of shape, probably you are also a skinny fat person.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that one in four skinny people is also suffering from pre-diabetes and they are metabolically obese. If you are skinny fat and diagnosed with diabetes, the risk of death is twice high in your case, in comparison to people who are overweight and diagnosed with diabetes. Another study on teenagers found that 37% of the skinny kids shows signs of pre-diabetes. Such signs included high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar etc.


The right tests

It is very important to do the right tests if you want to know if you are skinny fat person. There are few criteria for skinny fat persons and they will help you to identify whether you are a skinny fat person or not. These criteria are family history of type 2 diabetes, a little pot belly, early onset of heart disease etc.

You can get some important blood tests done to find out if you are skinny fat person-

  • Fasting blood sugar or glucose (normal less than 90 mg/dl)
  • Triglycerides (normal less than 100 mg/dl)
  • HDL (good cholesterol (normal greater than 60 mg/dl)
  • Blood pressure (normal less than 120/80, ideal less than 115/75)

The cure for skinny fat syndrome

The following ways can help you with your skinny fat syndrome-

1. You need a low glycemic diet

We can use some lean animal protein such as fish, chicken and eggs along with beans, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits etc. You can also have non-gluten grains in small amounts.

2. Include more protein in your diet

You will need to start your day with protein. Add protein in each meal. It will improve your metabolism and also cut hunger. For protein you can add eggs, nuts, protein shakes, chicken, seeds and fish to your diet.

3. Avoid calories in your drink

Try to avoid drinks which are laden with calories. Avoid sodas, sweetened drinks, juices etc. also cut back your wine or alcohol consumption to 3 to 4 glasses every week.

4. Change your oil

Stop using refined and processed vegetable oils. Use olive oils. You can also eat omega-3 fat rich foods like different fishes- sardines, salmon etc.

5. Avoid flour

You should avoid all types of flour, including gluten-free flour products. Even avoid wholegrain flour if you are suffering from skinny fat syndrome.

6. Eat plant products

You should stop eating anything that is made in a plant. You should only eat things that are grown on a plant. Start eating more vegetables and fruits stared of processed foods.

7. Exercise

You need to get strong and for that you will need to exercise regularly. Both cardio and strength training are needed for you when you are suffering from the skinny fat syndrome. Cardio is necessary because it will help you to build fitness and will also improve your metabolism. Strength training, on the other hand, will help you to build muscles and so you won’t remain a skinny fat person.

8. Avoid synthetic foods

Avoid the foods made in different factories. They generally contain MSG (causes so much hunger), artificial colors, high fructose corn syrup, chemicals and preservatives. All these artificial products are very bad for your health because they cause different types of problems including diabetes.

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