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Health risks linked to depression

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You are suffering from depression, it is likely to have some severe impact on your health. Let's find out what are the health risks linked to depression.

Overall health

Depression not only impact your mental health, it also affects your physical health. It will increase the risk of different health problems including heart disease, osteoporosis and others. It is very important to reduce the risk associated with depression if you want to have a normal overall health.

Heart disease

People who are depressed are more likely to develop heart disease. There are also likely to suffer more once it is diagnosed. People with heart disease are often found to have depression. The possibility of death due to heart attack increases in case of patients who also suffer from depression. Simply taking walks in the morning will help you to improve your heart helps and get rid of depression. Other healthy behaviours will also help you to reduce the possibility of heart disease and subsequent death.


If you are depressed it is more possible that you will also be obese. The reason is quite simple to understand. When you are depressed, you are not likely to follow a healthy lifestyle and you are not going to eat and exercise the way you should. When that happens, when you lack both exercise and healthy eating habits, obesity is the next step for you. You will start gaining more weight and fat and soon after some time you will be an obese person. If you depressed, you will not be able to see the long-term health benefits of healthy behaviours and as a result do not follow them. When you do not exercise and you do not watch what you are eating, becoming overweight and obese is the simple next step for anyone who practise that type of lifestyle.


People who suffer from depression generally cannot follow a healthy lifestyle and that will take a toll on your health. If you are not able to follow a healthy behaviour in respect to eating and exercising, the possibility of diabetes will increase. One of the most common factors of diabetes is sedentary lifestyle and are depressed person cannot follow an active lifestyle. Such a person is more likely to sit down and stay alone without doing anything except thinking about negative things. Such a person is more likely to suffer from diabetes. And depression can make diabetes worse for you. When you are depressed, you are not going to take care of yourself and such behaviour may trigger diabetes. The stress of managing diabetes is also seeing to trigger depressive symptoms in many individuals.

Substance abuse

When you are depressed, the possibility of substance abuse will increase for you. People generally take to drugs and other substances to alleviate their symptoms. Tobacco and alcohol are the most commonly available and abused substances which people with depression take to.


Younger women and older people who suffer from depression tend to develop osteoporosis. A broken bone came with the only and the first symptom in such cases. If you are depressed, the amount of calcium and other minerals that are redeposited in bones will reduce resulting in low bone mass. Such a condition can easily convert into osteoporosis. If you are using some antidepressants for a longer duration, it may also aggravate the condition. It is very important to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D, which may come from sun exposure or supplements, and exercise regularly to improve bone health. There will also help you by reducing the bone mineral loss associated with depression.


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