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Why you should not use antidepressants?

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Even though antidepressants are prescribed for treating depression in different people, you are always better off without them. There are some reasons why you should not take antidepressants and rather fight depression by other available means. Let’s find out.

It’s not effective

Even though many doctors prescribe antidepressants for their patience for treating depression but different scientific studies have found that such medicines are not more effective than a placebo. It’s very simple for the doctor because he/she only has to prescribe it pill which is likely to cure the patient of depression. However, it makes no sense to take powerful psychiatric drugs as a first-line treatment. Different research have found that meditation and other powerful mind body techniques which are available for treatment of depression are much more effective than drugs. If you take a closer look at your existing diet, nutrition status and your personal care and make the necessary changes, you’re likely to get better results in case of depression. Just try one month of lifestyle overhaul and see how good it can do for you. You’ll be surprised and once you see the results, you don’t have to go back to your medicines for depression treatment.

Medicines are dangerous

Medicines are important and dangerous. If you’re taking too many of them, you are in danger. Taking too many medicines will make you to drug dependent diabetes true in case of psychotropic medicines. Commercial applications for drug research is the priority for companies and they want to make more money and their priority is not your health. Often new drugs are fast tracked through the approval process and risks associated are ignored. A lot of information never comes to light.


Antidepressants have serious side effects. Even though these medicines are supposed to make you happier but in reality they are making you sad. The side-effects are acknowledged and documented. The most common side effects include agitation, shakiness, anxiety, flulike symptoms, diarrhoea or constipation, indigestion and stomach aches, loss of appetite, dizziness, disorientation, confusion, insomnia or sleepiness, headaches, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, difficulties achieving orgasm, weight gain, excessive sweating, heart rhythm problems, muscle twitching pain, shivering.

If the patient complains to the doctor about such side-effects, the doctor will ask them to hang in because the problems generally improve with time. If the problem still persists, the doctors will start tweaking with the dosage or they will add one or two more medicines. The side-effects can go very very wrong and can create severe problems for you. There are some much more severe reactions including suicidal thoughts, a desire to harm self or others, psychosis and seizures.

It is not possible to predict what you may suffer from and sometimes as little as 1 to 2 doses may start such problems in you.

Worse than ineffective

These medicines are ineffective. They work for some people because of the placebo effect which is a complex physiologic processes based on your beliefs about treatment. There is no validated signs that can support a neurochemical explanation for mental illness including depression. These medicines force your body to adapt to the changes happening because these medicines walk on the chemical systems in your body.

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