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How to build a perfect physique

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If you’re trying to build a perfect physique, the following tips will help you in achieving that goal. Building the perfect physique will need lots of dedication and hard work and definitely time. Let’s find out what can help you in your journey.


Whatever exercise you do, performing warmup is very important for you. Warmup will wake up your body and muscles and joints. A proper warmup will get your blood flowing and will also raise your body temperature. It will help you to lift more weights later. Never skip the warmup because it is like inviting disaster. If you go for lifting weights without proper warmup you’ll face the risks of premature fatigue and injury. Always start your workouts off with a solid warmup. To warmup the right way, you need to start with light cardio for five minutes. It can include jogging, biking or running in place. Follow it with another five minutes of basic bodyweight movements so that your body gets ready for the next phase.

Lift big

If you really want to create a great looking physique, you will need to lift big. Big compound movements should be the staple of your workout program. Deadlifts, the squat and the bench press are must haves in your workout program. They will help you by increasing growth and testosterone hormone levels. These movements will help you to achieve accelerated muscle growth and greater fitness. Compound movements beneficial for you because they recruit high amounts of muscle fibres. Such movements will result in more energy expenditure and fat loss.

Good form


Simply lifting big will not help you to get the excellent physique that you are looking for. You’ll also need to do that with good form. One of the main root causes of injury is bad form. It can be fidgeting, an arched back or anything else. You need to learn the proper form of any exercise before you go into it with intensity. Back training form can create disaster for your training resolution. It is important to learn the good form when you start your training. During this period do not try to lift too heavy or too fast. Go slow, learn the proper form and technique and practice the right forms before you add on more weight or try to do it faster. Learn from your personal trainer and ask for advice from the experience people so that he can develop and keep good forms while exercising.

Free weights

Instead of working with fixed machines, you should exercise more with free weights if you want to create a better looking physique. Scientific studies have found that free weights will help you to achieve greater muscle activation. It means there will be more muscle growth. Free weights are also easier to use and they are convenient. With free weights, it’ll be easier for you to develop good form and follow that form while exercising. Free weights will also help you to stay away from injury. If you’re going to a gym regularly, instead of wasting your time waiting for the machines, take dumbbell and barbells and start with your exercise with the free weights.

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