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How to use bodyweight workout for creating a great physique

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Many people think that bodyweight workouts at home or at the gym cannot help them to create an excellent body. They need to go to the gym to create the body they always wanted. However, this may not be true. It is possible to use bodyweight to improve your strength, increase muscles in the body and increase endurance tremendously. Let's find out how bodyweight workout can help you to create the dream physique you always wanted.

Muscle within a short time

It is possible to build more muscle and strength with short workouts. Even do you believe that you need to spend hours in the gym and years to create more muscle and strength, it may not be always necessary. Instead of focusing on the time you're spending in the gym or at the workouts, you need to focus more on what you are getting from the workout. It is possible to gain more muscle and increase your strength while actually working less if you know what to do. Just a few sets of specific workouts can help you to achieve the same results which you get after spending hours. Too long workouts can ruin testosterone levels and it will cost you body big-time if you keep pushing yourself beyond a particular level. If your workout is customized and you have the most effective exercises in the workout, it will give you more benefit within a few minutes in comparison to some other training routine that goes on for hours.

No hazard workouts

When the jog on a treadmill or some workouts for a long duration it can hurt your knees and ankles. If you feel that your knees and ankles are on fire, it is likely that you are doing hazardous workout which are taking a toll on your body. If you have read swelling on your elbows and shoulders after doing numerous push-ups in a day, it is probably causing more harm to your body than helping it. However, you are not alone as many people who go for traditional bodyweight training suffer from such problems. Such inflammations are not good for you as they increase your stress hormone, cortisol and create other problems.

Instead of a painful workout that results in wear and tear on your joints, you can always go for workouts which focus on less reps. You also need to ensure that you never locking out your joints because that is one of the most common causes of joint inflammation.

No rep counting

If you want to build your muscles faster and increase your strength, you'll need to stop counting repetitions. The range of motion is more important than counting the number of repetitions. When you focus on the repetitions, you are likely to complete the reps with bad form for you may tend to rush through them quickly. If you do that, you're not going to get the benefit from the workouts. You are not working the muscle to its fullest capacity. On the other hand, when you focus on the full range of motion, you'll be able to get the maximum benefit from every set of exercise you perform.


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