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Effective ways to improve your flexibility

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If you want to improve your flexibility, there are some effective ways which will help you to improve your flexibility within a short time. Even though there are many ways to improve flexibility, let's find out the most effective ones.


Yoga is not the most effective and popular way of improving flexibility. Yoga offers something to everyone. There are different yoga styles available which will choose your own requirements and needs. If flexibility is your focus is probably you can take up Hath Yoga or other similar styles.

There are different yoga poses or asanas which will help you to improve your flexibility. You can perform this poses right at your home and you do not need any equipment. Downward facing dog, and Child's pose are two very important yoga poses which will help you to stretch your back and hamstrings, lower back and upper back and top of your buttocks and thereby will improve your flexibility.

Dynamic warm-up

You probably already know that you should never skip your warm-up session. If you do not do the necessary warm-up, you potentially increase the risk of injury. More important is that you are also losing the golden opportunity to improve your flexibility. You need to include moves that recruit multiple muscle groups. Such moves may include multidirectional lunges, bridges with an arm extension and a high in your skip. They will increase your mobility both during and after your workout.


Dancing is very beautiful but it is also a very effective workout. You will get extensive warm-ups in dance classes. Such warm-ups will host your flexibility as they will use different muscles and joints in your body in different ways through dance movements. Such movements will also help lengthen the muscles and joints. There are different types of dance forms are available and can choose anything that you like because all of them contain different types of warm-ups and will help you in improving your flexibility and mobility. Zumba is one of the most popular dance-based classes and it can do wonders for your flexibility. Try a few sessions to see whether you like it or not.

Vary your stretching

Stretching can be static and dynamic and both have their own places. They both can help you to improve your flexibility. Static stretching is the type of stretching when you hold the stretch. It is important as it can improve range of movement in joint. It is always better to do static stretching after workout when muscles are warm.

Dynamic stretching can be more beneficial for you when you do it before your workout. It can be rotational lunges, hugging your knees to your chest and arm circles and all of them will help you to improve your flexibility while will also prepare your body for exercise.


Pilatus mainly focuses on the core but it also has other benefits for different parts of your body. It can specifically help to increase your flexibility and mobility. There are different moves available in Pilates which will help you to improve flexibility everywhere from inner thighs and hips to upper back and neck. Pilates also strongly focuses on posture and so they can help your muscles by preventing them from becoming overworked and over tight.


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