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Important bodyweight workout tips for MMA

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If you are an MMA enthusiast and want to become a fighter, there are few tips which will help you to get the maximum communal bodyweight workouts. These workouts will not only help someone who is trying to be an MMA fighter, but it will also help anyone else who wants to improve their body, fitness and appearance.

Pay attention to proper form and technique

It is very important to pay close attention to proper form and technique. Like with other exercises and movements, you need to learn and follow the proper way of performing movements. Proper form and technique is essential in maximising the benefit from each workout that you perform. It becomes more important in case of bodyweight exercises.

In case of bodyweight exercises, people often become to focus on putting in a large number of reps and in that process, they forget about the form and technique. While trying to achieve the target, they often sacrifice a lot of technique. You need to understand that five quality push-ups executed with form and technique are always better than 10 sloppy push-ups. This is something you need to understand and remember while performing your workouts.

You single weight movement

You can increase the degree of difficulty by performing single weight movements on isolated body parts. That will help you to get the maximum out of your workout. If you are doing squats, do a single leg squat instead of a double leg squat. It will force you to put in more effort in stabilising yourself and that will help in engaging the target muscle group more. At the same time it will also stimulate your core muscles.

Single weight exercises are much more difficult to do than the normal ones. By doing it, you challenging yourself to step out of the box and do something out of the ordinary. Initially, it may be very difficult for you but after some time you'll be able to do it and while doing it, you'll become stronger than before.

Perform one and a half reps

If you are using bodyweight MMA techniques to improve your body and also fighting skills, it is important to make movements harder, not easier. When you do that, each rep will help you to get the maximum benefit.

Just remember that in bodyweight exercises, less is more.

But how do you perform one and a half reps? Do one extension and then come back up with a half extension. Let's take an example. If you are doing push-ups, you can to one full push-up all the way and then come back and do a half push-up. This is your one-and-a-half. If you can do 10 of these, you will feel how much it is working because it will make eggs set just after one set.


While performing bodyweight MMA workouts, do not forget to stretch. Many people forget it. Stretching is one of the most important parts of your workout. It is necessary because it makes sure the muscles are always flexible, strong and healthy. It will also help you to perform better because bodyweight exercises require a wide range of motion and stretching can help you to achieve that better.

Stretching is a must. Because you need flexibility and stretching will help you to achieve that.

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