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Get the Bikini body

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You always wanted the bikini body, but did not know what to do and how to achieve it. General strength and conditioning is fine, but for a bikini body you need specific diet and exercises. Only these exercises can help you to achieve your goal within a reasonable duration. You do not have several months to get a bikini body, at most you probably have two months. Achieving that body you always wanted in two months is not very easy unless you have specific programs which will help you to achieve what you want.

Bikini body

Bikini body

Embrace Cardio

You need to start with cardio first. You can start with an exercise schedule of 30 minutes. You can take up running or swimming or tennis or racquetball as they are also effective. They offer good cardio workouts and will help you to get your bikini body. You need to perform cardio exercises for 30 minutes every day, five days in a week. Along with that you also need some toning exercises such as weights, light dumbbells or an exercise ball. Such exercises will help you to tone your core muscles like triceps, biceps, butt, hips and abs.

Specific bikini exercises

For shaping and maintaining a bikini body, you need to use some specific techniques targeting the core muscles in the body. You need to tone your butt, quads, hamstrings and calves. You should also include exercises which will help you to shape your upper back, legs and shoulders. These are some of the troublesome areas and you need to put more focus on them.


Glutes are very important to look good in a bikini. When a woman becomes lean, most of the other muscles show up and emerge. But that doesn’t happen with glutes. If they are not present, you won’t look good in a bikini even though you are lean.

Your bikini training should focus on glutes. Strong curves and glutes will make you look wonderful in a bikini.


Another important factor to get the bikini body you always wanted is diet. You need to follow the proper diet to get the body you want. You will need to avoid some of the foods and will need to include some others in your diet. With that the right diet, you won’t be able to achieve the body you want.

You will also need to strictly follow the diet since you want a bikini body within a short period of time. Strictly following the diet will ensure that you continually progress towards your goal without hampering the results that you already have got.

Eat at least five meals every day-breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. Following this diet rule will help you to get the nutrients you need to look leaner and develop the muscles in the right places. You also need to follow a specific diet plan and it only those recommended foods by the dietician so that you can get the necessary protein and eliminate the extra fat. Following the specific diet program will help you to push forward without having to spend lots of time in research and experiments.

Drink more water

When you keep yourself hydrated will lots of water, it will help you to improve your skin. Water offers several other health benefits. Cold water can boost your metabolism and help you to burn more calories. When you drink cold water, your body has to use extra calories to warm it.

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