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How to balance your hormones naturally

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If you want to balance your hormones naturally, you can do so by doing the following-

Eat protein at every meal

Protein is very important for your body and eating adequate amount of protein is extremely important. Proteins provide you with essential amino acids and these amino acids are crucial for maintaining muscle, bone and skin health. Your body cannot produce these amino acids. Protein also references the release of hormones that control appetite and food intake.

Research found that eating protein decreases levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and also increases the production of hormones that are necessary for feeling full like PYY and GLP-1. High protein diet will increase GLP-1 and feeling of fullness and will also increase your metabolism and fat burning. You will need 20 to 30 g of protein per meal.

Regular exercise


Physical activity is very important to balance or rebalance your hormones. Exercise can reduce insulin levels and increase insulin sensitivity. The hormone insulin has several important function including helping cells to take up sugar and amino acids from the bloodstream, which are used for energy and maintaining muscle. However, high insulin levels are dangerous for you because it can cause inflammation, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It can also cause insulin resistance where your cells don’t respond properly to insulin’s signals.

Different types of physical activity can increase insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin levels. Aerobic exercise, endurance exercise and strength training are some of the exercise types which are more beneficial for you. When you are active physically, it will boost levels of muscle maintaining hormones. This is essential because this particular hormones decline with age like testosterone, DH EA, growth hormone and IGF-1. If you are not able to perform vigorous exercise, simply walking regularly will also help you to increase such hormone levels and balance the necessary hormones in your body.

Avoid sugar and refine carbs

If you want to keep your hormones in balance, you will need to learn to avoid sugar and refine carbs. If you cannot completely avoid it, you will have two minimise it. These foods can cause problems with hormonal function and can also result in obesity, diabetes and other medical problems. They can increase insulin levels and promote insulin resistance and thereby may make you overweight and obese. Fructose makes up at least half of most types of sugar which include high fructose corn syrup and refined table sugar. Refine carbs like white bread and pretzels made promote insulin resistance in adolescents and adults.

Manage stress

If you want to keep your hormones in balance, you will have to learn to manage your stress. Stress can destroy your hormones. Cortisol and adrenaline other to major hormones that are affected by stress. Cortisol is called as the stress hormone because it helps your body to cope with stress over the long term. If you are suffering from chronic stress, it can elevate your cortisol levels and that can result in excessive calorie intake and obesity and more belly fat. If you have two high adrenaline levels, it can result in high blood pressure, rapid heart rate and anxiety.

There are different stress reducing techniques and exercises which you can apply to reduce your stress. They include meditation, yoga, massage and listening to relaxing music.

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