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The Cardinal Rules in Losing Weight

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Losing weight requires commitment, determination and finding the best weight loss strategy that will work best for you. There are indeed many strategies that can help you lose unwanted fats to get a thinner and sexier body, but there is no one weight loss regimen that will work best for everyone. Every person has a distinct way of responding to a particular weight loss strategy and your goal is to find out which one will best fit your condition. You can never go wrong with knowing these cardinal rules in losing weight, however, and you can always apply these basic weight loss principles to complement your preferred weight loss plan.

Exercising with weights

Lifting weights can deliver different health benefits to the body. This includes lowering the blood pressure level, reducing the risk of heart diseases, lower the cholesterol level, develop stronger bones, improve agility and strength, promote weight loss, and stabilize the blood sugar. If your goal is to lose weight using weight training, make sure to focus on the intensity of your exercise. Choose a resistance level that will challenge your muscle strength. The heavier the weights you use, the most muscles you build. Consequently, more muscles will burn more fats by using them as an energy source, and this can help you lose weight more efficiently. The cardinal rule is to exercise for heavier weight at a lower repetition to burn more calories and enhance the weight loss effect of your workout.

Do less cardio exercise, activate hormonal activity

Ironically, you will find more people intending to lose weight doing cardio exercises for longer duration. What they don't know is that long cardio exercise has the effect of dampening the thyroid regulation that makes the body less efficient in its fat burning activity. Physical fitness experts usually recommend to focus less on doing cardio exercise when your goal is losing weight. Instead, follow the rule of regulating your hormones that are responsible for activating the body's ability to burn fats and calories faster with exercise. Lifting heavy weights will stimulate your hormones to work harder on burning fat in the body to supply the muscles with the energy it needs to manage the load imposed to it. As a consequence, your hormones will be working in harmony with a common goal of burning fat that will make you lose weight more efficiently.

Limit fat intake, but not totally eliminate them

Cut back your fat intake, but it is recommended not to totally eliminate them in your diet. It is also best to consider the fact that a fat free diet will not completely solve your weight loss problem. While fats contain high concentration of calories, it is also essential in developing a better composition of the body and contributes to the production of hormones in the body. Consuming fat in moderate amount will give the body enough energy source. Only the excess fats that are not burned by the body can cause weight issues. They are also useful as fillings when paired with protein in making one feel fuller with less cravings.

Never skip meals

Controlling food intake is the usual response of dieters who want to lose weight. But this can have an adverse effect to your weight loss goals. By skipping meals, you are depriving your body from eating, thereby making you crave more and consequently eat more. This can be disastrous to your diet. Instead, it is a good rule of thumb to eat snacks more frequently, but in smaller proportion. This will help you feel more satisfied without the pangs of hunger and bouts of cravings. Eating in small portions will also keep your digestion active that will activate consistent fat burning activities in your body.

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