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Reasons why you are not losing weight even on a low carb diet

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If you are using a low carb diet and still you are not losing weight, then probably you are not doing something right and you are making some mistakes. Let's find out why you are not losing weight even when you are trying to do it with a low carb diet.


You are not eating healthy food

Reducing carb intake simply does not mean you just cut back on the total carb intake. It means replacing the unhealthy carbs with some healthy alternatives. You need real nutritious foods to ensure that you lose fat. You will need to stop different processed low carb products which are available in the market because they may not be good for your health. Instead, you should go for real food such as fish, meats, eggs, vegetables and you should also include some healthy fats because your body needs it. Instead of something ready-made, even though it may seem healthy, you need to focus on getting real food on your plate.

You are stressed

Your body should function optimally when you want to lose weight and fat. Even if you are using a low carb diet but probably your body is not functioning optimally. And your hormonal environment is also not favourable. If you're stressed all the time, your body is not functioning at a normal level and it is always in a state of fight or flight. When you're stressed, your body will have higher levels of the stress hormones such as cortisol. And when you have high level of cortisol, it will increase your hunger and as a result you will crave for different unhealthy foods.

Medication and deep breathing exercises can help you to relax and get out of the stressful condition.

You're not sleeping enough

When you're trying to lose fat and weight, you will also need to understand how sleeping for the required amount of time is necessary for better results. Sleep is also important for your overall health. When you are not getting the necessary sleep, you are more likely to gain weight and become obese. What happens when you get less sleep than you need? If you're suffering from lack of sleep, you'll be hungrier and as a result you will overrate. When you are suffering from lack of sleep you will also be more tired and you are on more likely will not exercise. Even if you are on a low carb diet and you are exercising every day, it may be very difficult for you to lose weight if you're not sleeping well and for the required time.

If necessary you can contact a doctor and find out a solution for your sleep problem. You can also find out some good tips about sleeping better.

You are not exercising

If you're not losing weight and fat even after being on a low carb diet, you are probably not exercising. And if you're exercising probably you're doing it wrong. Exercise offers several different benefits to you including long-term health benefits. It not only keeps you fit and healthy but it is also very critical for your physical and mental health. When you exercise, it improves your metabolic health which is necessary to lose fat and weight. It also increases your muscle mass and motivates you to work harder to lose fat and weight.

There are different types of exercises and the most important exercises for you, when you are trying to lose fat and weight, are weightlifting, interval training and low intensity training exercises.


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