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Diet and weight loss

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Diet has a very important role to play in weight loss. There are several foods that will help you to lose weight. Some of these foods are delicious too. The basic foundation for weight loss is eating well and exercising. With regular exercise, you need to strictly follow a specific diet plan if you really want to lose weight. Research has found that there are several foods which can help you to lose weight.

weight loss

weight loss


According to research reports, mushroom can replace meat as a source of protein as it offers the same satisfaction level as that of meat while providing less calories and fat. You can swap mushrooms for meat and gain the same proteins, but avoid the extra calories and fat.


A medium-sized apple will offer you 95 calories and 4 grams of fibre. According to the Journal of Nutrition, increasing your fibre intake will help you to lose weight. It will also prevent any possible weight gain.


According to the research reports published in the journal Appetite, soup is good for you when you are trying to lose weight. If you start your meal with soup, you tend to eat 20% fewer calories during the course of your meal. When you eat fewer calories, you need to lose fewer calories to reduce your weight. If soup helps you by reducing the calories you intake, you should always start your meal with a soup.



If you eat eggs for breakfast, you are likely to feel full for longer periods of time. It will also help you to lose more than twice the weight in comparison to other people. You can get the same amount of proteins from a few eggs which you can get from a heavy breakfast but without the extra calories. You can also add eggs in your salad or lunch.


Almonds can help you to lose weight by making you eat less food. Almonds can help you to curb hunger. By curbing your hunger, it will not let you eat more, which you tend to do when you are hungry. You can chew more almonds to curb your hunger. According to a recent study published in the American Journal of clinical nutrition, if you chew almonds more times, you tend to feel fuller longer. If you chew 2 ounces of almonds for 40 times, you will feel fuller and less hungry. When you chew more times, it increases the release of fat from the almonds which in turn releases hormones in your body that help in curbing hunger.


Many people love oatmeal and it is considered as one of the important foods when you’re trying to lose weight. Oatmeal is a slow-release carbohydrate and so you should eat oatmeal in your breakfast. You need to eat such a slow-release carbohydrate, three hours before your exercise as it will help you to burn more fat. When you eat slow-release carbohydrates, they don’t increase the blood sugar as much as refined carbohydrates. It means your insulin levels will also not go up. When insulin is high in your body, it signals your body to store fat. If the insulin level is low, you will be able to burn more fat before it is stored.
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