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Your gut bacteria can help you to lose weight

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If you want to lose weight, probably you can expect some help from unexpected corners. Your gut bacteria can help you to lose weight. Let's find out how.

How it can help

previously it was resumed that the bacteria present in your intestine mind their own business but now a growing body of research suggests that the Bacteria which is also known as a microbiota can influence your metabolism and help you to lose weight.

A recently discovered type of bacteria called Christensenellaceae that are present in your gut is associated with you being slim or obese. If you have an abundance of this bacteria in your gut, you are going to be slim and if you have less of the bacteria, you are likely to be obese. How much of the bacteria you have is partially determined by genetics. Most of us have this bacteria in our guts.

However, this is not the only bacteria present in the gut that can help you to lose weight. There are different types of microbes present in the gut which can help you to lose weight and stay slim. Scientific research found that lean people have 70% more gut bacteria and that is why they are likely to have a more diverse microbiota than that of the overweight people. In fact, based solely on their gut microbes, scientists could predict whether one person was lean or obese in a study of twins.

Akkermansia muciniphila is another gut bacteria that can help you to lose weight. It can prevent weight gain and they are often found in slim individuals. These microbes also produce acetate which can help in regulating body fat stores and appetite.

It is possible to boost good cut bacteria that can help you to lose weight and maintain it. You can boost the abundance of such good bacteria with prebiotic foods. You need to include foods like cranberries, Concord grapes, black tea fish oil, bamboo shoots, flaxseeds and rhubarb extract in your diet if you want to increase the number of good gut bacteria.

How to change gut bacteria to lose weight

Beneficial or good gut bacteria like plant-based foods and healthy fats. If you consume 30 g of fibre every day from plants of different colours. You can get the five were from red peppers, orange pumpkin, purple carrots. It'll help you to diversify your microbiota and that is good for your health and also good for maintaining your weight. That is why your diet should include plant foods of different colours because different colours carried different phytonutrients that can prevent free radical damage and inflammation in your body.

What you eat will decide to a great extent what your weight is. The gut microbiota of people who are overweight show patterns of dysbiosis in comparison to people who are healthy. This is associated with inflammation and increase blood sugar levels. These factors are linked to being overweight or obese. It means you will need to eat foods that are not high in sugar and fat.

Research has found that following a natural plant-based diet will reduce calorie intake, lower metabolic markers and increase weight loss. It will also not wish beneficial gut bacteria because the plants contain important prebiotic fibres.

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