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How can lipase help you lose more fat?

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The enzyme lipase can help you to lose weight. It is a complex chemically structured enzyme that works as a catalyst for the hydrolysis of fat in your body. It can help you to eliminate your fat deposits. There are different ways which will help you to increase the levels of lipase in your body. The level of lipase is inversely proportional to the serum levels of insulin. It means if the levels of lipase decreases in your body, the insulin levels in your blood will increase. When that happens, your fat burning process will slow down and fat will start to get deposited throughout your body.

Let’s find out how you can increase the levels of lipase in your body.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a very good way to increase fat loss. It increases the level of fat loss enzymes and hormones in your body. Fasting will also help you to increase to very crucial fat burning enzymes in the body-the muscle tissue-based ipoprotein lipase and hormone sensitive lipase. Since they increase in your body, they will boost fat burning by stimulating the cells to take up fat.


Standing can also help you to increase your fat burning process and get better results. If you think that going to the gym for an hour a day will help you to lose fat and weight, it may not happen as you like it to be. Exercising regularly may not have too much impact on the fat burning capacity of your body if you are sitting down for longer duration throughout the day. Studies have found that lipoprotein lipase and hormone sensitive lipase are released from your leg muscles only when they are actively flexed or are contracting. So, the important fat burning enzyme lipase will only be released from your leg muscles when you’re standing.

Sitting is always better for you if you do it too much. Even though today’s work force asked to sit for longer duration, it is possible to make some changes in your lifestyle to ensure that you also stand for a few hours. Standing while working or watching TV is a good technique that can help you to keep the fat away. You will not only help your body but will also help you to burn more fat by releasing more and more lipase in the body. Maybe a standing desk will help you to get better results in your efforts to burn more fat from your body.

High-intensity training

High-intensity training will help you to burn more fat. Sustained aerobic activity for longer than 15 to 20 minutes will help you to lose more fat from the body by mobilizing fat from your body lift fat stores. When you perform such high-intensity training, glycogen levels in the blood decreases and as a response to that fat from the bodily fat stores are released, which are used for energy for the body.

When blood sugar levels decrease due to high-intensity training, insulin levels also go down and because of that it triggers an increase in the levels of lipase. It means high-intensity interval training will boost your lipase levels in the body and that will help you to burn more fat.

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