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Skin removal surgery after weight loss

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If you have lost weight recently, then that's a colossal success for you. However, the battle may not be over yet. When you lose substantial weight, it can leave behind loose, saggy skin which can make you self-conscious.

What can you do if that happens to you? 

You can go for body contouring surgery. It is also known as skin removal surgery. If you want to look better and lose all the saggy skin, this surgery will help you to do that.

Why do it?

Body contouring surgery is something that you can choose. You do not need to do it if you do not want to. If you are happy with your appearance, you do not have to go for surgery. But if you have lost a lot of weight within a short time, the excess skin may bother you a lot because they are not good-looking. 

When you go for a body contouring surgery, it will remove the access scale and you will feel better about your looks.

Which areas can be treated?

This surgery can be done in different areas of your body. When you lose substantial weight, it can result in excess skin in almost any area of the body. The surgeon can go for several procedures to get rid of the excess skin produced by the substantial bodyweight loss-

  • Tummy tuck
  • Belt lipectomy (lower abdomen and back lift)
  • Brachioplasty (arm lift)
  • Face and neck lift
  • Inner thigh lift
  • Mastoplexy (breast lift)

How does it work?

The procedure will depend on which area of the body the surgeon is working on. All body contouring surgeries need an incision to remove excess skin and also need sutures to close the wounds.

The procedures are performed under general anesthesia. You will be asleep during the surgery. If you need more than one procedure, such procedures will be done in stages over a period of years. Such a step-by-step procedure reduces complications and also allows you time to heal properly.

Risks involved

Like any surgery, there are some risks involved in this type of procedure. Body contouring surgery also comes with some risks. There may be some infections, blood clots, scars, and anesthesia complications. Sometimes, you may not be happy with the results of the surgeries. Sometimes, your skin may still be loose or asymmetrical or the results may not be as per your expectations.

How much does it cost?

Body contouring surgery can be expensive. Insurance does not cover it. The cost of different procedures may vary widely depending on the type of procedures, the surgeon, and the location. You can talk to the surgeon, hospital, or the company about the total cost of the procedure before you go under the knife.

If you want to look better and improve your appearance, body contouring surgery can help you do so especially after you lose lots of weight. However, it is very important to ensure the credentials of the surgeon who is performing the surgery. You should also prepare yourself mentally for the time necessary to recover from the surgery and heal completely so that you do not have any scars left behind.