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Eating Healthy for Life

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Women are constantly bombarded with images of thin ladies advertising everything from lingerie to ice cream. It’s understandable that the fantasy female body is nearly impossible to attain or maintain. However, you should still eat a healthy diet to maintain your weight and health over the years. By making smart nutrition a lifestyle, you’ll find that lovely figure without any cause for starvation diet fads. 

Moderation is a First Step

Even if your diet isn’t a textbook list of fruits and vegetables, it’s easy to start with moderation as a healthy step forward. Instead of eating four pizza slices, try cutting that serving in half and add a side salad. You can eat some fatty foods, but just not in large quantities. Satisfying your craving with a small portion allows you to concentrate on healthy eating during the next meal.

Mix Up Those Food Types

If meat and potatoes is your favorite meal type, you’re missing out on crucial fruits and vegetables. Make it a goal to have all the food groups on your plate as you eat daily meals. Half the plate should be an even mixture of fruits and vegetables while the remaining half holds starches or carbohydrates and protein. When you have a balanced meal, your body responds by working better and craving less fatty items.

Cheating is Allowed!

If that ice cream cone is calling your name, make a date with it once a week. When you eat healthy almost all the time, cheating on that diet is fine when it’s controlled. Treat yourself to an ice cream sundae periodically without feeling guilty. It’s only when treats become a daily occurrence that your healthy diet isn’t working as well as it should.

Bring Your Family Into Your Healthy World

You can’t continue on a healthy eating course if everyone around you is consuming cheeseburgers and French fries. Ask everyone to eat a healthy diet like yourself. When they try it, they’ll find that their bodies feel better with extra energy. With everyone eating well, there should be no major food temptations in the home to mar your health goals.

If you find that your eating habits are more unusual than most women, you might want to seek the help of a substance abuse treatment center. Eating disorders can actually surprise a person who has gone through tough times. Food becomes a crutch for an emotional need. Don’t hesitate to ask for help to maintain that healthy lifestyle.