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Benefits of Papaya

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Benefit of Papaya

Benefit of Papaya

Christopher Columbus, an Italian voyager described papayas as the fruit of the angels. This fruit is extremely rich in Vitamin C and has a plethora of health benefits making it a great option to include in your diet. Listed below are some of the top health benefits of papaya:

1.  Lowers cholesterol

Papaya is fantastically rich in fiber, Vitamin C and antioxidants. It prevents cholesterol from building up in your arteries. Too much cholesterol leads to several heart diseases, heart attack and hypertension.

2.  Helps in weight loss

Those who want to lose weight can benefit from the consumption of papaya because it is low in calories. The fiber content in papaya is so high that it leaves you satiated and also clears your bowels to make your weight loss regime easier. Papaya is also an age-old remedy for constipation.

3.  Boosts your immunity

A papaya can single handedly boost your immunity system. Since it is rich in vitamin C, your risk of getting sick is dramatically reduced with the consumption of papaya. A single papaya contains more than 200% of your daily Vitamin C requirement, making it best for your immunity.

4.  Good for diabetics

Papaya is an excellent food option for people who have diabetes as it has a low-sugar content but is still sweet to taste. In addition, people who eat papaya can prevent diabetes. It is also an amazing fruit to lower your sugar cravings.

5.  Great for your eyes

Papaya is a very rich source of Vitamin A which protects your vision from degenerating. Nobody wants to lose their sight due to diseases such as age-related macular degeneration so having more papayas is a must.

6.  Protects against arthritis

Arthritis is a degrading disease and people who suffer from it find their quality of life declining. Eating papayas will prove very good for your bones as they have anti-inflammatory properties which help in keeping various forms of arthritis at bay. A study showed that people who consumed foods that were low in Vitamin C were three times more at risk than those who had a regular intake.

7.  Improves digestion

In today's fast life, it is next to impossible to avoid eating foods that are bad for your digestive system. Eating a papaya daily can make up for such occasional mishaps, as it has a digestive enzyme known as papain and tons of fiber that helps improve your digestive system.

8.  Helps ease menstrual pain

Women who experience menstrual pain should help themselves to several servings of papaya. Papaya, as mentioned before, contains the enzyme papain that helps in regulating and easing flow during menstrual periods.

9.  Prevents signs of ageing

All of us want to stay young forever, but no one in this world is immune to old age. Nonetheless, healthy habits like eating a papaya daily will delay ageing and will further prolong the process with regular consumption and may make you look up to 5 years younger than your actual age. This age defying fruit is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and is packed with antioxidants like beta-carotene which prevent your skin from free radical damage such as wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

10.  Prevents cancer

Papaya is also a cancer fighting fruit and due to its rich content of antioxidants, phytonutrients and flavonoids, it can prevent your cells from undergoing free radical damage and contracting cancer. Some studies regarding fruit and their benefits have also linked the consumption papaya to a phenomenally reduced risk of not only colon but prostate cancer as well.

11.  Helps reduce stress

After a long day at work, it is natural to crave for something light and refreshing.  Papaya is a good option and the idea to come home to a plate full of it is even better. This wonder fruit is rich in several nutrients which can keep you free from stress. According to a study, 200 mg of Vitamin C can help regulate the flow of stress hormones.