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Benefits of strength training for women

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Strength training is also beneficial for women. It offers so many benefits to you being a woman.


Strong Bones

Women become more susceptible to osteoporosis and bone loss with their growing age. Women are at higher risk because of their lighter skeletons. Till 30 to 35 years, bone building continues to happen but after that density of the bones slowly decline with the passing years. That leaves many women at higher risk of fractures and falls. This may also lead to great pain in the later ages for women.

Strength training helps in increasing bone density and also slows down the process of bone loss during a long period. When the young woman undergo strength training, they build strong bones and these bones are resistant to bone loss when they age. It can save your bones from becoming brittle.

Managing your weight

Strength training can help you to manage your weight. Strength training along with a cardio workout will help you to keep your weight under check. Strength training will also help you to build muscle and lose the extra fat in your body. It will help you to burn more calories every day by boosting your muscle mass.

The best result of strength training can be achieved when it is combined with cardio. However, you should not allow strength training to replace your cardio training. For the optimum weight loss and weight management, along with better fitness, strength training should be done along with cardio training.

Make your heart healthier

It is possible to make your heart healthier with the help of strength training. Strength training can offer you a great benefit by reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It can decrease the bad cholesterol level and increase the levels of good cholesterol in your blood. Strength training exercises also helps in reducing blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure and you want to go for strength training, you should always talk to your doctor before you start your training. Doctors advise strength training exercises for the rehabilitation of people who previously suffered from heart conditions.

Reduction of injury risk

With the help of strength training, it can reduce your injury risk. Strength training will increase your bone strength and reduce the possibility of fractures and bone injuries. It also helps in reducing the possibilities of other types of injuries.

Your functional ability is maintained and improved by strength training. That reduces the possibility of injury to a great extent. Strength training will also correct any muscle imbalance in your body. That will reduce the possibility of muscular skeletal injuries.

As a woman, when you go for strength training, you will increase your strength. Increased strength will help you to reduce the risk of lower back injuries. Also the exercises included in strength training will also take care of your back and make it stronger enough to avoid any possible back injuries.

Managing chronic conditions

Strength training will help you to manage different chronic conditions if you’re suffering from any. Different chronic conditions like diabetes, back pain, arthritis, heart disease, osteoporosis, depression and obesity can be handled better if you are undergoing strength training. Strength training will offer you more strength and keep you fit and healthy. The chronic conditions will not be able to find any way to make you suffer when you are healthy and fit.
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