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The Worlds Simplest And Most Effective Way To Eliminate Back Pain… Naturally

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Back Pain

A simple back pain can be negligible, but when it starts to become bothersome and affecting the quality of life you live, it is time to do something in eliminating the pain. Back pain has become a common chronic condition affecting eight out of ten persons. It is also reported by the American Chiropractic Association that about 31 millions of Americans have been suffering from back pain. It can also affect the quality of life that a person lives, affecting one's performance of carrying out the activities of daily living as well as detrimental to one's employment owing to missed work or work related absence.

The causes of back pain

A variety of factors can cause back pain to occur. One of the risk factors is the person's weight. Obesity can cause significant changes on the structural alignment of the spine, causing strain and tight muscles resulting to back aches. The same structural changes of the body's mechanical structure can also occur during pregnancy because of the displacement of the body's normal gravity involving the spinal structure designed to carry the weight of the body. A mentally and physically stressful work can also add to the symptoms of back pain. Sedentary lifestyle, aging, anxiety, depression and smoking are also known risk factors for back pain. Other known causes of back pain include poor posture and other underlying medical conditions like blood clots, infection and kidney stones.

The symptoms of back pain

The major symptom of the condition is pain that is felt at the back and may extend down to the buttocks and legs. A mild back pain usually goes away or disappears upon proper rest while chronic back pain tends to linger longer and may become recurrent. The symptoms of back pain may also be accompanied by other conditions like inflammation, swelling, fever, pain radiating down the legs, urinary incontinence of difficulty of urinating and numbness in the buttocks. You should see a doctor immediately when these symptoms are present together with your back pain or when you experience a pain that does not subside even with rest.

The cause of your back pain may be just a simple case of stress or may be caused by an underlying pathology that involves structural changes of the spine, arthritis or disc problems. Nerve impingement can also cause back pain and its classic symptom is one of pain that may radiate down to the other parts of the body that are innervated by the same nerve. Getting an early diagnosis can help you identify what might be causing your back pain and get treatment immediately.

The cost of a back pain treatment

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to get an immediate treatment for back pain. Statistics report that about 50 billion dollars a year are spent for the treatment of pain. Because getting treatment for back pain can be expensive, it is practical to find the most cost efficient way of getting your back pain treated safely. The most conventional treatment modality used by a doctor for the management of back pain are drug prescriptions. This includes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSADIs) and acetaminophen for managing chronic back pain. However, aside from the possible side effects of its long term use, drugs can only provide you temporary relief from the pain and they can be expensive in the long term of using them. The possibility of recurrence of the pain is high once you have not addressed the main cause of back pain.

The natural ways of eliminating back pain

There are conservative remedies that you can use in order to eliminate back pain completely without spending much on drugs and other forms of treatments. Most of these natural ways are free, simple and very easy means of back pain prevention and eliminating its occurrence.

back pain

Seating positions to avoid back pain

  • Observe proper posture

A proper posture will keep the body's mechanical alignment at its normal condition, thereby preventing straining the supporting structures of the back such as the muscles, ligaments and soft tissues. Do not slouch when you are sitting or standing. Do not stay long in the same position to relieve the structures engaged in performing your position from long term stress. Try to alternate positions every 5 to 10 minutes. Observe the proper posture when sitting by sucking in your belly, push your hips backward and up with the head back, keeping the ears over the shoulders. This will help you align your spine while keeping its structural support in a relaxed position. When lifting, make sure to bend your knees instead of your hips.

  • Do some stretching

Stretching the muscles can help relieve the tension on its fibers. If you have been sitting for long periods of time, you are doing your muscles a favor if you take a few minutes of your time walking and doing some stretching on intervals to release the tension that is slowly building up with prolonged sitting.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle

Smoking is known to affect the body's circulatory system which in turn can affect the integrity of the spinal discs that are responsible for supporting the spine. Disc degeneration can compromise the body's biomechanical and structural balance that causes pain at the back. Getting into the sun during early mornings will also give your bone some natural supply of vitamin D to keep it strong and healthy. Drinking water will also give the body with enough fluids that help in reducing stiffness.

  • Control stress exposure

Stress is very known for its ability in causing pain in the body. Work related stress is the most popular cause of back pain. The body has a natural way of sending signals that it is close to breaking down beyond its limit and one of this is the symptom of pain. Take the time off from work to rest, get a massage or a long sleep. Allowing the body to recuperate will give it more energy to recharge and be able to carry out its regular activities again.

  • Observe the proper posture when sleeping

Sleeping is one of the best ways of relieving tension in the body that can help eliminate back pain naturally. However, it is imperative to observe the proper positioning when sleeping. By sleeping on your side, you can reduce the curves of the spine. You can maximize in accomplishing this by sleeping on a bed with a firm mattress.

  • Meditation for inner peace

Meditation is an effective way of releasing tension and stress out of the body that can contribute to the buildup of metabolites that contribute to the cause of back pain. Individuals who meditate often tend to be more relaxed and able to enjoy an inner peace that helps in removing the negativities out of the body. The process helps the body to be physically relaxed and the mind to be peaceful and in a relaxed condition.

Doing these basic yet very effective ways of eliminating back pain naturally are very simple and easy to accomplish.

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