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Get relief from pregnancy back pain

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Back pain is a common problem during pregnancy and sometimes it does not disappear even after the arrival of the baby. Sometimes it becomes unbearable because of severe pain. It also restricts your range of motion and movement. Sometimes it sticks with you for a longer period of time. The following tips can help you to get relief from your back pain during pregnancy.


Belly support band

This is a necessity and not a luxury. The belly support band will help you to lift the growing weight of your baby bump.

The right shoes

You will need supportive sneakers or flat boots to avoid back pain during pregnancy. You can use them every day. If you won little bit of height you can try rubber soled wedges. Your body which should be distributed across a larger surface area and so you have to be very picky about the shoes. Your shoes should also offer shock absorption. Do not wear ballet flats and flip-flops. She want to wear flats, you can do that using insoles or orthotics or with an arch support.

Sleep support

You need sleep support to avoid back pain during pregnancy. Sleep is often disturbed during this time and you are not in a position to sleep on your back or stomach, especially during the later months. You can place a wedge under the belly while sleeping on the side. It will reduce back pain.


If you are suffering from acute back pain taken ice pack and wrapped it in towel and then apply it for 15 minutes. It will ease the swelling and reduce pain. If you don't have ice at home, you can also use a frozen vegetable packet.


After the acute back pain phase, for promotion of healing, you can use heat which will improve blood circulation and will reduce the pain intensity. To do that, you can take 2 cups of uncooked rice in a cotton sock. Closing the open side, you can microwave it for 60 seconds and then apply that to the painful area. Keep the heat for 15 minutes for better results.

Find out the best ways

You need to find out and learn about the best ways to carry, lift and push your baby. If you are a new mom, it becomes more important for you to understand how to wear your baby, lifted in and out of the crib, push the stroller, transfer the car seat etc.


If you exercise regularly you will experience less back pain during and after pregnancy. If you exercise three times a week and continue it for 12 weeks, especially during the second half of pregnancy, you will have less back pain.

There are different exercises for strengthening your back. There are stretches which will help you to strengthen and protect your lower and upper back.

Caesarean sections and back pain

If you are a C-section mama, you have to be careful about your back pain. You will need to massage your scar so that it does not stick to the pelvic organs. If you have a tight scar, it may reduce your back's range of motion by 30%. It will also create problems when you stand up straight.

After six weeks and after the doctor's checkups, you need to start massaging the scar with farm pressure. The muscles should go in up and down, right and left and diagonal direction. Massaging the scar for five minutes every day will make a big difference in your life.

These tips will help you to get relief from back pain which show up during pregnancy and stays even after the birth.

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