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Types And Causes Of Back Pain In The Morning

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Types And Causes Of Back Pain In The Morning

Back pain in the morning is a very common problem in people with chronic lower back problems. Many people go to bed without presenting any back pain symptoms, and in the morning wake up with back pain. Pain can be felt only in a specific area or may involve back neck, back, sides, arms or legs. There are many reasons that can lead to the emergence of such pain, depending on the type of disease diagnosed in the back the patient is suffering from.

Morning Back Pain

Back pain from the neck down

There are several types of back pain that may occur during the morning, depending on the body region where they occur. If waking up also involves  a stiff neck, try to check, and if necessary, to change the pillow you sleep on. There are many types of pillows, including chiropractic and massage pillows, made generally of high quality materials. If you sleep on your stomach, you need a softer pillow, which can shape according to your body in order to support the neck. If you tend to sleep on your back, then you need a pillow with shoulder space, while keeping your neck aligned with the body.

Some common signs that tell you it is better to change your sleeping pillow are numb hands or fingers, hands, neck stiffness, headaches (those occurring in the morning on awakening can be signs of blood pressure problems). Once you change your pillow, you can expect a few nights of discomfort, during which your body will get used to this change.

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Pain located in the upper back

Those who sleep on their stomach or on their side, are more likely to experience in the morning, upon waking, pain in the shoulders or upper back pain than those who usually sleep on your back. When a person sleeps on his stomach, the shoulders and the upper back are in a position of slight extension, which can become quite uncomfortable after several hours. Those who sleep with their arms above the head, put additional pressure on the neck, and these muscles can become inflamed from the top to the shoulder. A too big pillow can cause upper back pain when you wake up. For those who sleep on the side or back, we recommend the use of therapeutic pillows that do wonders for your spine.

Pain located in the lower back

Such pain is often a sign that transmits that your sleeping mattress does not provide the support you need. The mattress firmness does not necessarily support, there are many soft mattresses, which give the body a good support. If you sleep on your side and wake up with back pain, it could be too much pressure on the sacro-iliac joints. A pillow placed between your legs can help get rid of the pressure. If you feel that the mattress you sleep on is not good enough to provide optimal conditions for sleep, and buying a new mattress is not an option, place a piece of plywood particle board above the mattress support for a better sleep experience.