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Getting ready for your first hair transplant consultation? Ask these questions

It's natural to have plenty of questions if you're considering a hair transplant because it's a procedure that could change your quality of life. The road to a successful procedure starts with asking your doctor the right questions and receiving honest and transparent answers, so you know what to expect. 

You probably know that hair transplant procedures are pretty popular these days due to the introduction of FUE. However, it's crucial to talk to the surgeon before the operation to find answers to the questions you have in mind and share with them your expectations and concerns. 

Here is a list of questions to ask your surgeon before committing to the procedure. 

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Are you experienced in this procedure?

Doctors gain experience every time they perform a procedure, and you don't want to be one of the patients the surgeon learns on. An experienced surgeon must perform the procedure to obtain the best possible outcome. Therefore, ask the doctor how many successful surgeries they completed or how long they have performed hair transplant. 

Am I a suitable candidate for a hair transplant?

Suppose you decide to have a hair transplant in Turkey, you must ensure you're a good candidate for the procedure before going overseas for the surgery. Your doctor should evaluate your condition and tell you if hair transplant is the best treatment for your issue or if they recommend another solution. Factors such as your hair, pre-existing health issues, and age determine your suitability. If you're not an ideal candidate for a hair transplant, the doctor could recommend an alternative therapy to slow down hair loss or regain some of the hairs you lost.      

What should I do before the surgery?

Depending on the kind of procedure the surgeon recommends, you might have to undertake preoperative preparation. Your doctor might tell you not to use your usual hair product for a couple of days before the surgery or switch to specialist hair care products. 

What should I expect after the operation?

It's best to discuss with the doctor the process awaiting for you after the procedure to prepare mentally. The surgeon should tell you what medications to use, what diet to adopt, how to wash your hair, and what the best sleeping position is to prevent side effects. Some hair transplant clinics assign a consultant to follow your hair evolution periodically for a year to ensure that everything goes as expected. 

Do I need further operations in the future?

Hair transplant specialists state that patients should clearly understand how long it takes to achieve the desired results. Some cases require multiple procedures, and it's important to discuss the length of the treatment with your doctor during your first consultation. Also, it's essential to remember that hair transplant doesn't prevent hair loss, and you might deal with thinning hair in another area. After assessing your scalp, the doctor can tell you how many procedures are required to get the desired effects and the potential hair loss you should expect in the future.  Don't leave the consult until you're satisfied with the answers you get. And remember, there's no such thing as enough research, so learn everything about the procedure before heading to the clinic.