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Benefits of Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration

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Advanced robotic hair restoration centers are fast rising in popularity. They utilize cutting edge technology to restore damaged hair among other services they offer.

Many people are increasingly uncomfortable with hair loss, thinning hair and going bald, both women and men alike. With Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration (ARTAS), their hair can regain the vitality it once had.

Robotic hair restoration is not for the early stages of hair degradation. Only when it further along does ATRAS become a viable option.

There are tremendous benefits to undergoing robotic hair restoration including:

Heals Quickly

The majority of other hair transplant methods require doctors to take many samples of hair for grafting purposes. With robotic restoration, only the nest grafts are chosen which reduces their number.

The fewer hair grafts are taken, the faster the areas where the hair is taken from will heal. The recovery times are faster with ARTAS procedures which cause minimal disruption to your daily life.

 No Scars

Though hair transplant procedures have scars, they are usually easy to miss since they are covered by the hair. These scars may only be visible if you shave your hair in a particular style that leaves your scalp somewhat exposed.

The good news about robotic hair restoration is that it does not leave scars after the procedure. The ARTAS hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure that only causes light scarring which can be covered by any hairstyle.

Use Natural Hair

When most people try to hide bald spots or thinning hair, they usually use synthetic hair materials such as toupees or wigs. Such hair looks out of place and it is clear that it is different from your natural hair.

The ARTAS procedure involves the preparation of new hair pores, selection of the best hair grafts and installation of the grafts into your pores. The installation is done individually and each hair graft is placed and evaluated microscopically to ensure it fits perfectly making it very natural looking.

Granted, natural hair grafting will take longer to heal but the results will be well worth the wait.

Long-Lasting Results

If an ARTAS procedure is done properly, the results should last a lifetime. That is if you take good care of your hair after your procedure.

Consistent maintenance sure beats regular trips to an advanced robotic hair restoration center. It will take a while for your hair to grow into its shape and thickness but once it does the results are simply marvelous.

Hair Freedom

When your hair starts thinning, there are only so many hairstyles left for you to try. Using other hair transplant methods, you will also be restricted as to the styling options your hair has.

On the other hand, when you have an ARTAS procedure, you have complete freedom to do with your hair what you will. You can experiment with any style you want to as your hair will be naturally full and thick. Having such freedom to experiment with your hair will certainly give you the confidence to try new styles. The confidence is sure to spill to other areas of your life.