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5 Ways to Reduce the Health Harms of Manual Labor

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In responsible countries and societies, every child goes through at least one course of manual labor at school. Because it does not only provide great utility in routine life but also is said to be good for health.

But the sky is not all blue here as manual labor has every chance to have ill effects on your body that predominantly includes tremendous stress on your knees, shoulders, and back.

Researchers state that people working as manual laborers have a higher chance of dying early as compare to people who work in sedentary jobs. Therefore, in the face of this impending crisis, we have compiled for you the different ways by which you can reduce the health harms of manual labor.

  • Correct your posture:

If your job requires you to lift heavy things, then it is paramount that you know the fundamentals of industrial ergonomics such that you understand the correct postures for lifting.

A correct posture can significantly reduce the stress on your body and help you build your muscles, while improper postures can lead to vertebral issues and lower back pains.

  • Wear your personal protection equipment (PPE):

You may already be aware of that, but knowing does not always result in doing and is especially seen in the case of PPEs usage. Please understand that PPEs are for your safety and can prove to be life-saving in case of any potential accident.

Therefore, wear them religiously and adequately and also consider spending money on your necessary and additional PPEs if your employer is not providing it to you. Because it is your life, and you must have to value it.

  • Get massages from a professional masseuse:

Getting massages are often considered to be too feminine by a specific group of men like manual laborers. But, little do they know that getting messages from a professional masseuse can go a long way in de-stressing their bodies.

Deep tissue massages are great for your health because they work wonders to revitalize a stressed and worn-out body.

  • Moisturize your skin:

Manual labor can be deeply stressing for your skin as you continuously walk around clutching and using items like bricks, shovels, logs, and whatnot. Pair it with the fact that most of this work is done in the dry outdoors, and you have a recipe for hard calluses on your hands and cracked skin.

This may not sound urgent, but cracked skin can allow a lot of microorganisms entering your skin, and if such a situation is allowed to dangle, it can result in much more significant issues. Therefore, moisturize your skin with lotions and other products regularly to avoid such problems.

  • Consult your physician regularly:

Manual labor and injuries go hand in hand, and therefore the need for immediate and medical counsel is paramount. Mostly a laborer only goes to workers comp doctor to monitor an injury sustained during work. 

But regular appointments with the physicians are also significantly urgent because sometimes, sustained injuries can inconspicuously hurt you in the long term. Therefore, it is worthwhile to have a continuous trace on these issues.

There is no doubt that manual labor has its fair share of health benefits like muscle toning, reduced cardiac diseases, and diabetes. But, it has its share of health harms as well, which can be mitigated by following the instructions mentioned above.