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Back Pain – How You Can Prevent And Treat It!

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Back pain affects a large proportion of the population causing reduced mobility and aches to 7 out of 10 people in a lifetime. Back Pain needs to be taken seriously and if you notice signs of back pain then it is important to get it treated immediately avoiding the possibility for the small ache to become something more severe and turn into something that is harder to treat. Almost all back pain is caused through the way discs, ligaments, discs and nerves interact and understanding how to stretch, exercise and look after your back is vital. This article is here to explain a bit about back pain and some of the ways you can avoid the pain coming back.

How is back pain caused?

Although back pain can often be difficult to identify there are some common causes related to back pain. Two terms you may come across when looking into back pain is ‘mechanical’ and non-specific’ Mechanical refers to the way the back moves and interacts; a mechanical type of back pain is related to the pain sourcing from soft tissue, joints and bones. Although the pain may start in one area of the back it can cause discomfort and reduced mobility throughout the body and is another reason to seek out treatment as soon as you notice signs of back pain. The second most common diagnosis is non specific, as the name suggests this is used when it is difficult to find the cause of the pain and it could be down to a multitude of issues. We have created a list below of some common types of back pain. If you feel this applies to you then definitely seek out the assistance of an osteopath, your doctor or online resources to help with the pain.

Common Types & Conditions related to back pain:

Sciatica – This is one of the main types of back pain and relates to the irritation of the main nerve running down the lower back right down to the feet.

Slipped Disc – This is caused when a specific piece of cartilage begins to push on a nerve within the back.

Lower back pain – this is typically caused by poor posture throughout the day at work or school and can also apply to when laying in bed.

How can you treat back pain?

When it comes to back pain treatment there are a range of options that you can choose from such as Osteopaths, Doctors Appointments and Medicinal Tablets. One of the most effective treatments is through Back Pain Exercise Videos. These videos are tailored and relevant to the pain that you are experiencing maximizing the chance of recovery and improved mobility. Spending time to do research into the different options and treatments that are out there is key. We strongly recommend that you seek medical advice if you notice the pain doesn’t go or is prominent even after treatment has started. One of the negatives with Back Pain Treatment is the costs that are involved, if you decide to head down the osteopathy route you may spend a fair amount on the sessions and will also need follow up sessions. In addition to this, whilst many pharmacists will prescribe medicinal treatments it is important to remember that although these may ease and mask the pain you are experiencing they are not directly treating the reduced mobility and aches that come with back pain.

We hope that you have taken something away from this article and look forward to any questions in the comment section.