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10 Healthy Foods to Help You Overcome Your Cravings

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Nuts are famous for being calorific snacks and should be enjoyed responsibly. However, these nutritious edibles are also bursting with good fats, protein, fiber, and magnesium, all of which are essential to your energy levels and a strong heart. If you're craving a rich snack which comes in many flavors, then this is the ideal route for you to explore.


8. Vegetable Crisps

Potato chips are a classic move in quickly firing up those taste buds but they also introduce harmful quantities of sodium and bad fats into your system. Thankfully, there are much healthier vegetable substitutes available, for example, seaweed, kale, avocado, and parsnips. That said, always read the labels of commercial brands to avoid undesirable ingredients and learn how to make them yourself for complete health control.


9. Olives

Another powerful weapon you have against your salty desires is that of an olive. Not only are olives very low in calories but they are also abundant with vitamin E which slows down the aging of your cells. What's more, a single portion is so small that it's much easier to keep tabs on your consumption.


10. Water

Finally, the brain often confuses hunger with thirst, hence why your sudden yearning for unhealthy foods may be solved with a classic glass of H2O. Drink your fill and then wait 30 minutes before making any further decisions. Even if this process fails to avert your cravings, the pre-meal hydration ritual has been linked to helping those who struggle with their weight.