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The many benefits of feng shui

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Feng shui offers many benefits for the normal people. Let’s find out some of the benefits that you can get from using feng shui.

Wealth enhancement

Feng shui can help you to attract wealth many people discreetly or openly seek help in creating more wealth. Water features like fish tanks are used for enhancing wealth. Taking advantage of the prosperity area (Shen Chi) and health area (Tien Yi) which is determined by your Kua can also help you to enhance your wealth. Feng shui will also recommend to use your home’s wealth area for increasing your wealth. The wealth area is decided by direction your house is facing and the floor plan layout related to the front door.

Finding love

If you are a single and you want to find love for yourself, feng shui can help you in there as well. It is considered as the second most common benefit that people see from feng shui. It is common for women to seek love with the help of feng shui.

Thanks prescribes placing fresh flowers in Peach Blossom area. The area differs depending on the year of birth.

Career advancement

Feng shui can also help you to advance your career and make it stable. The north side of the house symbolises career and so this area should be free from any negative Qi. Should also not lack in terms of surface area and space. Your prosperity area (Shen chi) will also help you in career advancements as it can help you to become more driven and motivated.

Health improvements

Feng shui can also help you to improve your health and remain so. It is generally used for the sickened or elderly. Your house has a healthy area (Tien Yi) will influence your health. If you are looking for health improvements, your bedroom should be in that particular area of your house. It means if your Tien Yi area is nought, your bedroom should also be on the north side of the house. If for some reason that is not possible, you should place your bed in north end of the bedroom.

Relationship and marriage

Your Kua number decides the harmony area (Yan Nien) which governs your relationships including a marriage. If you want to continue a relationship, you need to ensure that the area is not harmed by any negative feng shui. There are some other factors which may affect your marriage and relationships. The front door and the bedroom are two very important factors in deciding the state of your relationships including marriage. If the size of the front door is smaller than other doors within the house, your marriage may be affected negatively. The bedroom door should not face the kitchen. The bedroom also should not bulge out or protrude out of the house.

Improving fertility

Feng shui can also help you to improve your fertility and have children. The three most important areas in this case are the kitchen, front door and bedroom. If you are a married couple, the kitchen and front doors feng shui should be adjusted according to the husband or the breadwinner. The feng shui of the bedroom should be adjusted according to the wife. It will help the couple to conceive.


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