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Anabolic running-running without destroying your testosterone

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Problem with running

If you run long-distance, there may be some problems. Long-distance running can wreck your testosterone levels. Testosterone is the number 1 hormone essential for muscle building, muscle retention, bone strength, will health and athletic performance. It is also the hormone that you need to perform in the bedroom. Without testosterone, your sexual life and normal health can be in loss of problems.

When you reach the age 30, your testosterone starts declining. 30 years old is the point where the body naturedly starts declining the production of the masculine hormone testosterone. Reduction in testosterone can also be caused by other external factors like toxins in the food, medicines and running.

However, running is good for you because it is the best cardiovascular workouts you can do for burning calories and improving your endurance. Running is good for you but long duration running long-distance running may not be good for you in relation to testosterone. There are two types of running-one is catabolic running which increases cortisol and decreases testosterone and the other one is anabolic running.

You need anabolic running because it will not destroy your testosterone levels while benefiting you with all the benefits that running can offer you. You need to keep running if you want to and that can be done when you know how to do it. You need to use a certain way to run that will make you an anabolic machine without creating any negative impact on your sex life and personal health.

Long-distance runners have many problems like low sex drive, fatigue and lack of energy, have loss, loss of muscle mass, increase in body fat, low bone density, mood changes and reacquiring injury. Always happen because of low levels of testosterone. On the other hand, if you look at the short distance runner who go for intense and explosive exercises, you will see they naturedly develop ripped bodies. Sprinters training routines include Sprint interval training on the track. Sprinting not only makes you faster but it also changes your hormonal profile. It can increase your necessary levels and increase growth hormone secretion.

If you know how to do it quick and intense sprinting can provide you with all the benefits of a good level of testosterone in your body.

Anabolic running benefits

Something as simple as sprinting can offer you loads of benefits. It can help you to increase your anaerobic threshold (AT). This is the point at which your body starts to use your anaerobic system and burned glucose without oxygen. Low intensity exercises cannot help your body to reach their. That is why you need anaerobic training.

Anabolic running will also help you to increase your VO2 max. It shows how efficient your body is at getting oxygen from the air to your muscles. When you have a high VO2 max, you’ll be able to draw in more oxygen during exercise. It is one of the biggest indicators for your fitness.

Anabolic running will also increase your testosterone levels. Men always one height necessary levels because it is directly related to his personal health and sexual health. It will make you stronger, leaner and healthier. It will also increase your confidence and sex drive. Scientific studies have found that anabolic running elevates testosterone levels without increasing cortisol. And the testosterone levels remain high hours after working out. It is one of the best natural testosterone boosting methods and you can do it easily write at your home.

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