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Optimizing your testosterone levels

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Testosterone is a sex hormone which is produced by the testicles. It is also produced in small amounts by the ovaries. This is the hormone that is associated with manhood. Even though testosterone is mainly associated with male sexuality and reproduction, but it also plays other roles in human lives. It maintains muscle mass, red blood cell levels, bone density, a sense of vigour and well-being.


Problems caused by declining testosterone

After the age of 30, testosterone levels of a man starts to decline and it continues going down as the age progresses. There are several problems that declining testosterone levels may create. Such problems include erectile dysfunction, lower sex drive, depression, memory problems and difficulty with concentration. Men who have low testosterone may suffer from weight gain, problem in urination and breast enlargement.

Present scenario

Due to the problems associated with decreasing levels of testosterone, people are scared of the possible problems they may suffer from due to the lack of testosterone. As a result, people are more interested in having testosterone replacement therapy. The number of tests of several prescriptions has tripled in one decade. More and more companies are coming up with different types of ads that promote testosterone prescription as the answer to the possible problems of lower levels of this hormone. It has led to abuse of the hormone.

Problems with testosterone replacement therapy

There are many people who are taking testosterone even without any evidence of deficiency. It is a therapy that should be given to people with persistent problems and very low testosterone levels. There are severe potential side-effects of the testosterone therapy prescribed by the doctors. If you are not actually deficient and you undergo testosterone replacement therapy, there may be several side-effects including acne, thickening of the blood, blood clots, reduced sperm count, higher risk of heart disease, higher risk of prostate cancer, problem with male fertility, liver problems, male breast growth, higher pattern baldness, worsening of urinary problems etc.

Since testosterone replacement therapy can be pretty dangerous for you, and on the other hand lower testosterone is also risky, would you do? Do you go for the hormone replacement therapy not? Whether you should avoid having the therapy and live with lower levels of testosterone?

You don’t have to live with lower levels of testosterone or go for testosterone replacement therapy as per the prescription of the doctor. You can go for increasing your testosterone level naturally using the different types of methods available which can increase your testosterone level naturally without using any prescription drugs. There are different types of natural methods are available which can optimize your testosterone levels.

Naturally increasing your testosterone levels

You need to make some changes to your lifestyle. Dietary and exercise changes will help you to naturally boost the testosterone levels. The dietary lifestyle changes should include reducing sugar and fructose, eating more healthy saturated fats and other healthy choices.

Your body is capable of naturally optimizing hormones like testosterone and human growth hormone. You need to help your body in a specific method to increase the levels of testosterone. Exercise is a very important part of this process and you need to involve in intensive fitness exercises to make sure that your body is capable of producing the required amount of testosterone.


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