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Best natural testosterone boosters

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testosterone boosters

Best natural testosterone boosters


As men get older, their bodies start to slow down the amount of testosterone that it produces. Many men will start to notice that they have a decreased sex drive, they might have problems with erectile dysfunction, or they may have other health issues that are directly tied to low testosterone level. In most cases, low testosterone levels can be improved with these lifestyle changes.

Exercise for Low T

A wonderful way to pick up any day and to boost your testosterone levels is exercise as it has  many remarkable benefits. There have been several studies that have been done to see how testosterone is affected by exercise. Researchers found that there is an increase in the testosterone in men that have worked out. This rise in the levels are even greater when you do resistance training. Exercise is shown to improve your mood, boosts your energy, and stimulates your brain which all help raise your testosterone levels.

Reduce the Sugar

Studies show that sugar can lower your testosterone levels by twenty-five percent in the blood. This was regardless of what their diabetes status. Take a break from the sugar and watch your levels rise.


Men that have low testosterone will often have a deficiency in zinc. There have been several studies that suggest that zinc plays a very important role in regulating the testosterone levels of the body. The Office of Dietary Supplements state that a man needs to get about eleven milligrams per day. Women need to get about eight each day to maintain a healthy balance in their bodies. There are plenty of foods that you can add to your diet to ensure that you maintain healthy levels of zinc.

Lose Weight

Men tend to gain a few around the middle when they reach middle age. This is especially the case in men with pre-diabetes. Extra weight can lower testosterone levels which is why when men lost weight, their levels were raised by almost fifty percent. Most of these men raised their levels by changing their diet and committing to a regular exercise plan.

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is beneficial for anyone but for those that are noticing a drop in their testosterone levels, a good night sleep is just what the doctor ordered. Lack of sleep has been linked to low testosterone levels. Many men will notice that their mood and overall sense of wellness drops during this time. This is because the testosterone levels in the blood are known to drop between two in the afternoon and ten at night the next day.

This is why it is so important to get enough sleep. A drop in testosterone could be that lag that many people feel. This could be due to the fact that we are not getting enough sleep to properly recharge their testosterone levels for the day. The exact amount of sleep will be very different from person to person but, your body will feel well rested if you have slept long enough.

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