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Raw detox

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You have probably heard of detox diet and already know how it benefits you. However, going on a diet can be something that you don’t like or you cannot stand it because you have to eat or drink things that are obnoxious. For many of the detox diets, that’s true. However, not for all.

Raw detox

Raw detox

Why do you need a raw detox diet?

Raw detox diet believes that the healthiest way to eat the food is in the raw state. There are different food groups that can be consumed raw. These food groups have enzyme inhibitors, which had destroyed if they’re cooked at high temperature. Preparation of raw meals may include soaking, blending, fermenting, juicing, light steaming, sprouting, pickling, and dehydrating besides eating it raw without cooking. Such raw diets are broken down into different phases so that your body can take some time to adjust to eating raw foods.


In general, raw food detox diets help the liver to detoxify our body. The liver detoxifies our bodies by breaking down and neutralizing toxic substances and acids. Without the detoxifying nature of the liver, we won’t be able to live in this world. Cleansing is another process which our bodies are always doing silently. Cleansing and detoxification eliminate the harmful chemicals from our body and our bodily functions and systems running all the time. If the liver is full of toxins, it needs to release those toxins to be stored somewhere in the body. This condition is known as disease. Most of the diseases are always diet related. The raw food detox is a process that helps your body to get back to radiant health.

When you eat raw food, the nutrients present in the foods can go to the cells directly and faster. The lymph fluid present in the body bathes each and every cell and the nutrients reach the cells. They eliminate the old waste or toxic materials into the lymph fluid. From the lymph fluid, these waste materials reach the blood and are eliminated from the body. If your body is overloaded with toxins, it will try to eliminate them through different parts of the body and thereby cause different types of diseases. When such symptoms appear, body cleansing becomes an important task.

In a raw detox diet, you eat fresh fruit or home-made fruit juices. Raw salads or all natural foods, including organic meat may also be included in the diet depending on the raw food diet you choose. Most of them generally avoid dairy products. There are some combinations of foods that you should avoid when you are on a raw detox diet program.

Raw food Detox recipes

There are raw food detox recipes available for people who want to follow raw food detox programs. These recipes will help choose to decide what you can eat and how to eat it. The recipes will make your task of choosing and preparing food easier for you. These recipes are available online and you need to choose the right ones for your specific program. You can also find different vegetable juice recipes and find out how you can juice vegetables for daily consumption. You will also find out about the super foods which may help you to get better results and feel better every day.


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