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The Best Steps To Detoxify Your Body

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Detoxify your body

Detoxifying the body has been a common practice for centuries around the world, especially in the ancient practice of ayuverdic therapy. Detoxification is the process of cleansing the blood by eliminating body toxins to promote optimal health. The process involves cleansing and nourishing the body where the toxins are eliminated through the kidneys, lymph, intestines, lungs and skin.

Detoxification programs are very useful, especially when you are living in an environment that is surrounded by pollution. There are symptoms that can be managed by detox, which include fatigue, allergies, low-grade infection, menstrual problems, mental confusion, bloating, irritated skin, puffy eyes, and sluggish elimination. When the body is loaded with toxins, the body becomes susceptible to illness and weakness.

The benefits of detoxifying the body

The most prominent benefits when you detoxify include cleansing the body organ, especially the stomach, liver and the kidneys. Once the toxins are removed from the body system, one feels lighter and with more energy level. The moment that the body eliminates the toxins, the body's immune system becomes stronger. It helps the body fight off stress, disease and other forms of illness. The body's circulatory system is also more effective as the blood is cleared of toxins.

What is the best detox program for you?

There is no single detox program that works best for all. Every individual has a unique need for wellness and there are different detox programs and recipes that are suited according to one's needs. The prime consideration when detoxifying the body is to delude the body from toxin build up. Various forms of detox programs are designed to attain this purpose. The programs available include herbal detox, diet and supplements.

Prior to starting your choice of detox regimen, it is essential to eliminate common causes of your stress and do some lifestyle modification like avoiding smoking, alcohol, coffee, saturated fats and refined sugars. These are common causes of toxin buildup in the body that can slow down the detoxification process. Heavy metals like mercury, aluminum and lead can also trigger the process of disease development, especially neurological condition, birth defects, autism, heart disease, dementia, thyroid disease and infertility.

Detoxification program regimen

Dietary approaches are used in order to detoxify the body. Detox recipes are available that can help attain a long lasting cleansing benefit to the body. This form of a diet is known to be effective for mental and physical cleansing.

1.       Raw fruits and veggies for natural detox diet

Eating raw fruits and vegetables can provide the body with detox benefits. Cut down your dairy food intake, meat, gluten-rich foods and shellfish. Steer away from consuming sugary and processed foods. Foods high in saturated fats is unhealthy, too. Naturally grown fruits and vegetables are great natural detox foods to include in your diet because they are free from pesticides and chemicals.

2.      Consume spices and herbs

Spices and herbs are known to be effective in helping the body eliminate toxins. Popular are cloves, turmeric and milk thistle because of their high anti-oxidant properties. They can provide the body adequate protection against chronic diseases like cancer and ulcers.

3.       Water cleansing

Taking high amounts of water can provide the body with the ability to maintain a balanced electrolyte level. This is also most useful when you are fasting as a form of detoxification of the body. The amount of water taken should be in moderation. To have varying tastes, you can mix the water with freshly squeezed lemon or a cucumber.

4.      Take vitamins and minerals

Eliminating toxins should not be the only health goal when detoxifying the body. It is important that the process should be coupled with providing the body the essential vitamins and minerals it needs. Vitamin supplements may be taken along with the detox diet or recipes.

5.      Fiber rich foods

Eating foods that are rich in fiber is effective in naturally eliminating toxins out of the body. Organically grown fruits and vegetables are good sources of fiber like cabbage, seaweed, radishes, artichokes and broccoli.

6.       Get a detoxifying massage

Massage provides the body detoxifying effects. Deep tissue massage, for instance, allows you to reach for deep seated toxins to be released as pressure points in the body. Massage therapists are skilled in providing the right kind of massage stroke that brings out the best benefits of detoxification.

7.       Drink tea

Tea is a healthy substitute for coffee as your regular beverage every day, more particular green tea. An occasional cup of coffee is alright, but if you aim to build the body's strength and energy, green tea will make a healthy detox drink substitute. It has properties that can give the body a boost of an active state, just like caffeine does.

8.       Rid of toxins through sweat

Sweat can help release toxins from the body, and the best way of sweating out is to do some exercise. Only a few probably know that sweating does not only get rid of fats, but also toxins as well. Whenever toxins are eliminated from the body, organic functions become more efficient, most especially in the body circulation and digestion.

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