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Hair Shedding: How to Deal with It

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Hair Shedding: How to Deal with ItHair loss can come from many causes. Yet, one of the crucial and most common is seasonal shedding. In the summertime, hair tends to grow more, considering that the sun is brighter.

The main purpose of hair is to guard our scalps from the powerful rays of the sun. Therefore, our hair is essentially fuller and healthier in the summertime!

Traditionally, in the cooler months, the shedding happens. Many people are worried when they see hair in their showers and drains and on furniture, floors, and pillows.

Plus, it can be perturbing to get up to a pillow of loose hair or a sink stuffed with hair clumps when you do not know what’s normal and what’s not.


These tips will help you take care your hair care to prevent hair shedding.

  1. Hair Brushing

By brushing our hair everyday, we are stimulating the follicles. Brushing increases the circulation in our scalps, which supports the new hair to grow quickly. Brushing helps pull out the loose hairs that get twisted with the healthy strands. This also prevents more hair from shedding.

  1. Hair Nutrition

Usually, hair falls out due to a nutritional deficiency or hormonal imbalance. One supplement that is known for hair growth is? biotin. Your health practitioner would recommend dietary supplements like fish oil, flax oil, or healthy oils if you are not consuming healthy fats everyday. All these can contribute to good and healthy hair as they deliver hydration, strength, and shine.

  1. Hair Treatments

If we’re facing hair loss due to any kind of trauma, stress, or hormonal imbalance within our bodies, having hair treatment could be an invaluable approach towards good hair growth.

In managing seasonal shedding, hair treatments can help reestablish balance in the scalp, stimulate the hair follicles, and help in healing. Make an effort to massage the treatment into the scalp, then pull it through the strands to allow it to seep on your hair for a minimum of one hour or leave on for one day.

  1. Detoxifying Hair

There are a lot of amazing scalp scrubs available on the market. Scalp scrubscan deeply detoxify the scalp. A good shampoo can help prevent any accumulation of dead skin cells on the scalp. This cleaning helps follicles grow new hair follicles!

  1. Making Time to Relax

Breathe so that you can release all the stress that you are taking in. If you realize that you are shedding a little bit more than usual during the summertime, seek advice from your general practitioner to get it checked. Our hair connects with us, just like our skin.

Relaxation will help you grow your hair back, whether your shedding is seasonal or symptomatic. Deep breathing,meditating, or relaxation can help. Relieving stress can prevent hair loss and help preserve your energy in balance.