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Detoxifying your body

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Sometimes detoxification becomes very much necessary for you. If you’re feeling sluggish or struggling with different types of skin problems or pains, aches or digestive problems earlier constant companion or you are not able to lose weight even after trying very hard, then probably you need detoxification of your body.


This is not a new thing, it has been practiced for centuries in different cultures. Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine have their own detoxification process.

Detoxification includes resting, cleaning and nourishing the body from inside. The detoxification process eliminates toxins from your body using different methods. Your body is fed with healthy nutrients. Detoxification helps you to eliminate toxins from your body, protect you from diseases and also renew your body’s ability to stay healthy.

How does it work?

Very simple stance, detoxification means cleaning the blood. Cleaning can be done by removing the impurities from the blood and the liver. The elimination of toxins from the human body is possible through the intestine, kidneys, lymph, lungs and skin. If somehow these systems are not working fine or are compromised, then they cannot filter the impurities. In that case, each and every cell in the human body is affected negatively.

A detox program can help you in natural cleansing

  • Resting your organs through fasting
  • Stimulating the liver so that it can remove more toxins from the body
  • Improving circulation of blood in the body
  • Promoting elimination of the toxins through kidneys, intestine and skin
  • Refuting the body using some healthy nutrients

How do you know the need of detoxification

It is great if you can detoxify your body at least once a year. However, children, nursing mothers and patients suffering from chronic degenerative diseases or tuberculosis or cancer should not try it without the advice of their doctor. It is important to consult your doctor before you go for detoxification. Since today, more and more toxins are present in the environment, detoxification is more critical.

If you are seeing any of the following symptoms, then you need detoxification

  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Sluggish elimination
  • Irritated skin
  • Allergies
  • Low-grade infections
  • Puffy eye or bags under the eyes
  • Bloating
  • Menstrual problems
  • Mental confusion


How to start a detox

Before you start a detox program, you need to reduce the possible toxin load. That can be done by eliminating coffee, alcohol, refined sugars, cigarettes and saturated fats. They can be obstacles in the healing process since they act as toxins. You also need to reduce the use of household cleaners and personal health items which chemical based. Such personal health items include shampoos, cleaners, toothpaste and deodorants. In place of them, you can use their natural alternatives. The top-rated cleaning products that really helps. Cleanhomeguide.com is your assistant in choosing the best cleaning products.

Besides that, you also need to reduce your stress levels. Stress is a barrier to your good health. It also triggers the release of different stress hormones in your body. Too much of them can cause toxins in the body and may also reduce the detoxification enzymes present in the liver. Meditation, yoga, etc. are simple ways to reduce the stress.

Which detox program is good for you?

There are different types of detox programs available along with detox recipes. They follow different approaches and need different duration. You need to find one detox program that is effective and fits the lifestyle you have. It may not be possible for you to go for some of the detox programs because of their complexity, time required or straight ineffectiveness.
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