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Lung Detoxification: The Guide for Cleaning Your Lungs

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Smoking, polluted air and dust can and will damage your lungs greatly. Regular detoxification is a must if you want to reduce the risk of developing lung cancer and several other dangerous diseases.
LungsYour lungs are equipped with some natural defenses against the dirt and toxins that can get them clogged. In essence, the respiratory system is designed to be self-cleaning, but the current level of pollution is too much for it. The amount of harmful elements that get into your body with every breath grows in proportion with your closeness to downtowns, highways and factories. As almost no one today can avoid breathing in some exhaust fumes on a regular basis, you will require a thorough lung cleansing even if you don't smoke.

Get Your Lungs Working

Exercising will help get you started on the road to full lung detox. Breathing exercises will do even better. This is why yoga is one of the best workout types you can choose, as it combines physical exertion with effective breathing techniques.

Consuming foods rich with retinoic acid and vitamin A (mango, carrots, sweet potato) will help rebuilding your lungs after the damage they suffer daily. Rosemary capsules are another effective natural remedy. This herb contains antioxidants that are especially effective when working with your lungs.

Drinking a cup of honeysuckle tea daily will assist your lungs in dislodging the phlegm that contaminates them and moving it out of your system. This will improve lung drainage. You also need to keep your water intake on a healthy level. This means drinking ten glasses of liquid per day.

Foods like fat dairy products, red meats, soy and wheat should be avoided, because they assist in the production of mucus.

Cleansing Methods

Inhalations are the most effective way of breath cleansing. Adding some essential oils will allow you to get a much better effect faster. They need to be done at least two times per week to rid your lungs of mucus and toxins.

You won't have to buy any special device, as you can make one from a bowl with hot water. Add some essential oil to it and cover yourself with a towel while leaning over the bowl. This exercise is relaxing and will help you not only cleanse your lungs, but relieve some stress as well. This is also an extremely effective treatment for bronchitis and asthma.

Having a full body detox is another way to get your lungs purged of harmful toxins. There are several methods you can use for achieving this goal. Each of them has its own restrictions, so you will need to do some research, and pick the one that will be best for your body.

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Bear in mind that if you want the results of your detox to stick, and the risk of developing serious diseases reduced, you will need to make some lifestyle changes. First of all, you will need to drop smoking, both passive and active. This filthy habit is extremely detrimental for your health as a whole.

Breathing in more fresh air is another necessary requirement. You will need to take regular trips to the countryside, beaches and forests. This will give your lungs a break from all the fumes, and will allow them to clean up naturally.

Improving the quality of air inside your home is a must as well. To do this you will need to vacuum on a regular basis, dust and do wet cleaning not less than once a week, and clean up your furniture on a quarterly basis.

Be sure to reduce the amount of heavy cleansers you use, as they are particularly poisonous. Switch to milder organic compounds.