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Reasons why you are losing hair

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If you are losing hair irrespective of your age, there may be some reasons. These reasons are very common. Let’s find out more about these reasons why you are losing hair so that you can prevent hair loss by counteracting such reasons.

Heat tools

Heat is one of the most prominent reasons why you are losing hair. People use different types of hot styling tools like hairdryer, curling wand and straighteners. These tools can make your hair dry, prone to breakage and then consequently more likely to fall out. If you’re using strong, dry heat to your hair, the hair shaft will be weakened. Such heat can also burn the hair off.

If it is necessary for you to use hairdryers, curling wand etc. then you should use less heat. You should be able to control the heat and that is why you need to have a temperature gauge in the tools that you are using on your hair. If you use less heat on your hair, it will cause less stressed to your hair shaft.

Frequency of brushing

Hair loss also depends on frequency of brushing. If you are not brushing your hair enough then it can be a reason of hair fall. Hair has a lifespan of approximately 7 years and on average we may lose about 120 hairs a day. This loss happens so that new ones can grow. If you do not brush your hair then these hairs won’t loosen out and new hairs will not be able to grow. If you brush your hair several times during the day, it will help the old ones to go away to make way for the new ones.

Use a good brush to brush your hair. Brushing will stimulate the scalp and it will encourage healthy hair growth. However, you need to know when to brush your hair because that is also significant. If your hair is wet, do not brush your hair because it is most fragile when it is wet. That is why you should not brush immediately after showering. If you need to brush after shower because you don’t have time, you can use a wide tooth comb so as to minimize breakage.

Over dyeing

This is another prominent reason why your hair is falling off. If you are dyeing your hair too often it can result in hair loss will stop when your hair is over processed, it will break because of the chemicals present in such dyes. Your hair will lose its elasticity and it will start falling off.

You don’t have to dye your hair frequently. Doing it one or two times in a few months may be fine. You also should use some good hair conditioning treatments to improve the condition of your hair.

Change in season

Hair fall may also happen because of a change in season. Both the summer and winter seasons can be damaging to the hair. Most of the hair problems are because of hydration. Water and sun both can be harmful and can result in split ends, faded color and brittle, dry texture. When you go into a chlorinated pool, it can also damage your hair and make it look dull and dehydrated.

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