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Best Natural Ways Of Getting Rid of Head Lice

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Removing head lice by combing

Head lice can actually be a disturbing condition, especially when it occurs among children. Parents are usually frantic about how to get rid of them quick and end up its infestation on their kids' heads. These critters undoubtedly feed on your child's blood and they can actually multiply fast! These tiny parasites are usually common among children, but in certain cases may also affect adults, too. Getting them is also easy by sharing personal stuffs like beddings and combs with someone with a head lice. The good news is, while these parasites may spread fast, they do not carry any disease. The condition is also manageable, especially with these best natural ways of getting rid of head lice at home.

Use a lice comb

A lice comb has fine teeth that will allow the lice to fall when combing the hair. After use, make sure to wash and brush the comb thoroughly as some of the lice or its eggs may get caught in between the teeth of the comb. Comb from the scalp down to the end of the hair strands to bring down the lice. This will not take our smaller lice, however, and is only effective in removing bigger lice from the head. Do this at least twice a day for several weeks.

Use baby oil or white vinegar to suffocate the head lice

Oils are known to be effective in suffocating head lice and get rid of them naturally. Baby oil may be applied on the hair before combing. Wash the oil with a laundry detergent and use hot water for washing the hair. Apply white vinegar on the hair before going to bed and let it stay overnight. Use a shower cap to cover the head. You can also use an olive oil that should be applied on the hair and stayed overnight. Comb the hair upon waking up and wash out the oil with your regular shampoo or condition. The oil will suffocate the lice, including their eggs.

The strong odor of garlic will help kill head lice

Garlic has a lice busting property with its odor that can suffocate the lice and eventually killing them. Create a garlic paste using 10 grounded garlic cloves mixed with lime juice, then apply it on the scalp. Leave them on for at least an hour and then rinse with hot water. Do this at least once a week for a couple of months to obtain best results.

Kill head lice with tea tree oil's natural insecticide property

Tea tree oil has insecticide properties that can kill head lice naturally. Mix the tea tree oil with coconut oil and a natural shampoo and apply on the head and hair. Leave it on for at least half an hour by covering the head with a shower cap then rinse with hot water afterwards. Make sure to comb the hair to remove the dead lice after washing.

Mayonnaise treatment

Mayonnaise contains oils that can kill the head lice. Apply the mayonnaise liberally on the scalp and leave the head covered with a shower cap overnight. Wash and then comb the remaining lice from the head the next morning.

Prep Tips:

You may find wearing a pair of gloves useful to prevent the lice from getting into your hands or fingernails. Use a lice comb after each natural treatment as a follow-up process in head lice removal. They are useful in removing dead head lice on the head. Scrub them before re-using and make sure that no lice or eggs get entangled on the comb. Some natural treatments for head lice work better once performed repeatedly to ensure that no eggs are left on the scalp because they can cause re-infestation.


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