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Healthy Advice On Managing Cold Sores

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Manage cold sores for better relief

If small blisters start to develop in your mouth and lips, you might have cold sores. The blisters are caused by the Herpex Simplex virus that will not usually manifest any symptoms at the first stage of the viral infection. The blisters are filled with fluids and are painful and may form around the mouth, on the lips, and sometimes even on the nose and chin. The condition is very common among adults. In fact, about 90% of the population are infected. Not everyone, however, may show signs of the infections as the virus usually remain dormant in the bloodstream and it rarely shows signs of a primary infection.

Managing cold sores are needed in order to obtain relief from the resulting discomforts caused by its symptoms. The common triggers for cold sores are a low immune system, fever, extreme fatigue, hormonal changes, exposure to sunlight and windy conditions, and other forms of infections. You are likely to experience swelling of the blisters that can be painful, fever, sore throat, swollen neck glands and ulcers around and in the mouth. There is no treatment for cold sores and the symptoms usually go away in a week or two on its own. However, the outbreak of the lesions can produce significant discomfort, but are manageable.

Use licorice paste or solution

Licorice can do some natural wonders in easing your discomforts from cold sores by using its glycyrhizic acid property that is known to combat viruses. You will feel better comfort when its anti-inflammatory property will start reducing the swelling of the blisters. In order to make a licorice paste, you will need one tablespoon of licorice powder and about half a teaspoon of fresh water. Mix them to create a cream or paste, adjusting the mixture according to the consistency that you prefer. Alternatively, you can use petroleum jelly to mix with the licorice powder. Its natural healing process will also help enhance the healing process of the cold sores. Apply the paste on the sores using a cotton swab, covering the entire affected area.

Apply cold sore patches


There are many cold sore patches available in the market that helps assist the healing process of the cold sores. They also help shorten the healing period to help you obtain faster relief from your discomforts. The patches are transparent films of paper that covers the sores and its anti-viral properties help facilitate healing.

Take pain medications

The sores can be very painful sometimes to an extent that it can prevent you from enjoying your meals. Try taking pain medications, such as an Ibuprofen. Its analgesic effects will provide you great relief from the painful sores.

Simple remedies at home

There are simple, yet effective ways to manage cold sores at home. You can use a cold compress to relieve the itch, while an ice cube applied directly on the blisters will help reduce the swelling and inflammation. This is highly recommended by the American Dental Association in Anchorage, Alaska, but noted that this may provide only temporary relief.

Prevent spreading the virus

Cold sores are highly infectious. It is best to avoid touching the blisters with your hands. The risk of having sores on the hand is high, especially when it touches the fluids coming out from the blisters. It is best to refrain intimate contact with others, such as kissing and do not share your personal things, such as towels and toothbrush. Make sure to wash your hands frequently, especially after disposal of the swabs, using medicated ointment and after coming in contact with the sores.


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