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Healthy Foods That Are Known As Candida Busters

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Healthy foods can help fight Candida

The foods that you eat can actually help relieve Candida infection. The yeast overgrowth can produce very disturbing symptoms that can actually make you feel terribly uncomfortable. While the presence of some bacteria and yeasts in the body is harmless, controlling their growth is necessary. Harboring the overgrowth of yeast will result in Candidiasis that is characterized by the symptoms of itchiness, burning sensation, pain, soreness and rash. It can also trigger the symptoms of allergies, digestive discomforts, mood swing and recurrent yeast infections. The foods that you consume can help prevent and control yeast overgrowth. The yeasts are a form of fungus that usually thrives in your gut. However, they can actually grow numerously that it can result in a yeast infection that will produce unhealthy symptoms.

Candida feeds on sugar

The yeast feed on sugar and what you eat actually feed them and support their growth. In order to eliminate Candidiasis, you need to cut down your sugar intake. It is best to avoid eating honey, dairy products, sugar substitutes and sweet fruits and beverages with high sugar content. Sugar is known to depress the body's immune system that also contributes to the spread and growth of Candida in the body. However, eliminating sugar from your diet may not be completely healthy and you need other nutritious foods to help combat Candida overgrowth to eliminate the yeast infection naturally.

Try these foods that are known to help fight off yeast infections and boost your body's natural defenses against Candida.

Foods and herbs with anti-fungal properties

There are potent foods that can help eliminate fungal infection in the body. They are healthy to eat and contain natural anti-fungal properties that can control, prevent and eliminate Candida growth that cause the yeast infection.


A clove oil has a strong anti-fungal property that you only need a single drop that you can take orally with a fresh water.


Barberry is also one of the popular anti-fungal food that has berberine that is known to be effective in keeping the gut healthy against fungus growth.

Apple cider

An apple cider is also an effective anti-fungal food that you can take against yeast infection. You can use it as a salad dressing or add it to your food ingredient. It is very versatile to use in your food preparation and they are effective in breaking down the yeast.


Coconut is also popular for its natural fatty acid called caprylic acid that has the property of interfering with the replication of the fungus cells and prevents Candida growth.


Ginger may not be the top option for a Candida busting food to take, it has a lot of healing benefits that can provide the body with the ability to fight off a fungal infection. It is not potent enough against Candidiasis, but has excellent detoxifying properties that help cleanse the body. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal property is sourced from its roots that can enhance the body's ability of eliminating the fungus.


Garlic contains sulphur with anti-fungal properties. Eating a raw garlic can release high level of anti-fungal agents that can kill the yeast. It is best to eat them raw and crushed that makes its anti-fungal compounds readily available after the intake.

Vegetables containing isothiocyanates

Isothiocyanates have powerful compounds containing sulphur and nitrogen that are effective in attacking Candida yeasts. Eat plenty of broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, radishes and arugula and other similar vegetables to get more Isothiocyanates in your diet.

Drink lemon juice

You can also drink something to enjoy some anti-fungal properties to fight off Candida. Lemon juice not only quench your thirsts, but also keep your gut healthy and detoxifies the liver that enhances the elimination of Candida in your body.

Make sure to keep your body's immune system fit and healthy by exercising regularly and eating these top healthy foods that can bust Candida infections.


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