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Healthy Ways To Cleanse The Body and Detoxify

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Sleeping helps the brain detoxify efficiently

Sleeping helps the brain detoxify efficiently

Detoxifying is not only a natural remedy for keeping the body clean from the inside, but has become an essential lifestyle that promotes longevity and a healthy life. Toxic buildup is hazardous to the health and it can trigger different chronic diseases that can shorten the life span. The metabolic wastes in the body can result in a diseased body organ, affecting mostly the liver that is primarily responsible for eliminating the metabolic wastes from the body. The body has a natural means and processes of getting rid toxic wastes from the body, but this is not enough to keep the body healthier, fit, and on the top condition in fighting off diseases. Our body needs some extra boost in the elimination of the toxic substances in the body and here are some of the healthy ways to detox.

Eliminate common triggers of toxic buildup

In order to enhance the outcomes of detoxifying, the first step to do is eliminate the common triggers of toxic buildup. This means changing your lifestyle, such as avoiding caffeine, alcohol, saturated fats and sugar from the body. You may also opt in using natural personal health care products by choosing organic products in lieu of chemical based products. You may also need a change of environment that is less stressful because stress is very effective in causing havoc to the liver's physiological activities that reduce its detoxifying function.

Release toxic wastes through the sweat

Sweating out the toxins from the body is an effective way of detoxifying. The manner of flushing out toxins from the body has been a popular detox protocol in the field of medicine. By increasing the body's temperature through physical activities, exposure to a warm environment or by exercising, the toxins that are stored in the body fats are released and are eliminated through the sweat. Detoxifying in saunas is a very popular way of eliminating toxic wastes from the body. As the body tissues become hotter, the more it releases toxic materials that are eliminated through the pores of the skin as you sweat. Make sure to keep hydrated, though, by taking more water.

Sleep longer to recharge the brain's glymphatic system

A groundbreaking research revealed that sleep has a significant impact in detoxifying the brain. A group of researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center pointed out sleep can boost the brain's activity of eliminating toxins through the glymphatic system that is active ten times more than when one is awake. The brain tissues also shrink during sleep that activates its energy in the efficient removal of toxic waste products. The brain's activity during sleep and while awake is completely different and its efficiency is higher in removing cellular waste products when the body is sleeping. The system is highly capable of flushing the toxins from the brain to be transported to the liver by the circulatory system. Just imagine how much work your brain can do in helping you detox simply by getting enough sleep every day.

Eat foods that are ideal for detoxifying

The food you eat can enhance the purification process of detoxifying. There are foods high in properties that optimize the brain function, provide a healthier digestive system, eliminate free radicals and giving your immune system a boost. Among the foods that are good in detoxifying the body are broccoli, avocado, beets, cabbage, dandelion root, garlic, kale, green tea, and grapefruit.

Pumping the body with nutritious foods with high cleansing properties and getting a good sleep to enhance detoxification should always form part of your healthy lifestyle.


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