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Effects of cycling on health

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Exercising has become one of the most necessary routines for healthy life. Today, with the high workload life, and a busy lifestyle, health is an aspect which is deteriorating day by day. Several diseases including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and many more fatal health hazards have raised the need to exercise for better health and better life. Cycling is one of the easiest and most effective ways to exercise and remain physically and mentally fit. Not only it makes us active, but it maintains a high fitness level, which helps humans through lifetime.

Cycling is a form of physical activity that effectively assesses the cardio-respiratory and metabolic functions of the whole body and thus, leads to many potential health benefits. It reduces death risks and increases the life span. Basically, a person who cycles usually lives longer than those who don't.

To summarize, cycling is good for your   health in the following ways:

  1. Cycling reduces weight, when done efficiently and regularly. If a person uses a cycle instead of motor vehicles, it helps him burn more calories along with the toning up of his body. Through cycling, the extra flab from the body burns, bringing him back into the desired shape.
  2. Cycling improves the control of blood pressure. The people with high blood pressure can heal themselves through regularly cycling.
  3. Cycling also helps in lowering resting heart rate as the high resting heart rate has also lead to the increased chances of death due to cardiovascular disease often through heart attacks or cardiovascular unrest.
  4. Cycling helps to improve the good and bad cholesterol ratio and heals the heart. The high ratio of bad cholesterol to good cholesterol leads to heart attacks and several other body problems. Regular cycling extensively cuts down the chances of suffering from heart disease. Benefitting the cardiovascular health, it also reduces the risk of strokes.
  5. Cycling contributes a major role in reducing diabetes or lowering the blood sugar level. Those who exercise regularly, or cycle to workplace are at lower risk of type two- diabetes.
  6. Cycling reduces the most deadly C of life-cancer. Physical activity especially cycling helps in dealing and reducing the rates of cancer, bowel cancer and possibly breast cancer by strengthening the immune system.
  7. Cycling also benefits women in pregnancies. Cycling not only improves the cardiovascular fitness of pregnant women, but also eases the birth of child.
  8. Cycling reduces the most common diseases of present human lifestyle, anxiety, depression and stress. It helps you to deal with stress and problems, much easily. A thirty minute exercise makes you happy by releasing feel-good endorphins.
  9. Cycling helps in strengthening muscles and bones. Riding a cycle is good for toning and building the muscles. It is also a good exercise for those who suffer joint problems.
  10. Cycling also helps in improving sex life. Moreover, the pregnant women who exercise or cycle, have maximum chances of delivering a healthy baby.
  11. Cycling helps in making your body fit. Losing calories is one side of the phase; the other side is that you are doing it with no discomfort. With this, you don't need to spend extra pounds on joining gym or buying the fat burning pills. The easy way to be fir is cycling.
  12. People who ride a cycle and exercise regularly tend to look younger and energetic.


Riding a cycle is run. Moreover, a person develops a positive attitude and habit in life, which has lifelong positive effects on health, relationships, brain-power and happiness.