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How to stop drinking wine every day

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Whatever a person does, he/she always has a justification for it, be it lying, be it postponing the work , be it his/her addiction towards drinking(wine, alcohol, etc.) and many more to count. One can make excuses for anything and everything but one should also have the courage to accept the reality in its true essence. Nor the addiction for drinking is up-to-the-minute for us, neither its consequences, but still the drinkers defend themselves by providing many so called positive factors for their drinking habit. Many people think that drinking wine regularly in specified amount leaves a positive impression on health. But this thought takes them way long and they   made it a logical tool for these early medical practices.

If you are consuming wine everyday and want to quit the inclination, the good news for you is that it's possible to get rid of this habit. Some of the best possible ways to quit, provided you are willing, are as follows:

  1. It's your life. According to Hinduism, a soul gets birth as a human being after completing a cycle of taking births as round about eighty lacks different species. If you are getting this life after standing in such a long queue and waiting for such a great time, then what's the meaning of losing it like that? Life has got infinite colors. Live each color till eternity. Even the life gifted to us by the God is not enough to live each color, why cut it short by our own hands by doing such nonsense things. Life is breathtaking, live it king size. Quit drinking and increase your life span, live the healthily and happily and exploit it for some great purposes. Whenever you feel like drinking, just think about yourself, your family, your priorities, your dreams and the eternal colors of life. Get yourself engaged in some sort of activity that interests you. Just think about various health benefits you will gift yourself by not drinking that one glass or many.
  2. If you want to quit form the bottom of your heart, you'll have to be extremely honest with yourself.  Try to find out how much you have been spending on the same. This would deter you to make any kind of spending in the future.


  1. As we all know Slow and steady wins the race. You cannot quit the habit in one day. Be patient and decrease your consumption day by day.


  1. Don't keep wine in your house or any such place where it is easily accessible. When you'll not get it, you'll obviously not drink it. Buy one bottle at a time and take care not to buy more wine for at least three days. Don’t make it easy for you to overindulge. Be practical and have courage.
  2. Train your mind and body to follow your heart. Convince them when you have craving for it. When mind, body, heart and soul work together, everything is feasible. Just tell yourself each and every moment that you cannot drink. It’s much easier to behave in a certain way if the mind (and body) expects to behave in that way.
  3. Willpower is the key to success. Keep your willpower so tough that nothing can move you. For increasing your willpower, take some spiritual help, go for meditation sessions, listen to some good music and keep trying.
  4. Have never-ending faith in yourself. You have to think each moment that you can leave the habit. Faith is something which makes unfeasible things feasible. What all you have to do is that don't doubt yourself even for one second. Just go with the blind faith in yourself.
  5. Let your family and your real friends know your willingness and dedication to give up the habit and ask for their support and help. They'll surely help you out if they love you. Sometimes people know much more than our own self about things that benefit us. Just talk to them and order them to help you out.
  6. Do something close to your heart with the amount you saved by not buying wine. It'll provide you moral support and a sense of achievement. This'll further enhance your dedication and motivate you.
  7. Tell your well wishers about your achievements regarding the effort. Their praise will provide you new energy and motivation to strive much harder for achieving your goal.

Many of the changes felt by you would also push you to leave the habit.