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Trimming down your side fat

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Side Fat

The names like love handles and muffin top, side stomach fat sound isn't comforting to listen.  That favorite dress of yours just tends to become useless because it simply would not fit. Abdominal fat is equally unhealthy as the people carrying excess fat around the middle, tend to increase many health related risks and fatal problems like the risk of heart problems and diabetes. Sometimes the side bends doesn't help you to burn away the required side stomach fat or the love bundles. For getting a toned belly and stomach, with no extra fat on sides, you need to include toning exercises along with the regular cardio workouts.

If you have tried your best, and scratched your head enough thinking about losing the extra flab, here are few tips and exercises you need to follow in your daily routine.

1) First and foremost thing, you need to follow to burn away the fat is that it needs regular exercises rather than skipping your workouts. With the best fitness regime, you need to implement it regularly.

2) Secondly be patient, as it won't happen in a day. A steady weight loss is healthy. To follow it, you need to be strong and positive.

3) You need to understand that the healthy diet is equally important for the accomplishment of your goal. So you need to give away your favourite brownies and cheesy stuff. Exercise alone doesn't work and vice versa is also true. So you need to balance your diet and exercise in order to shed the extra fat on the side of your belly area.

4) In order to trim down your waistline, you need to comprise your maximum food with fruits and vegetables. Apart from this, eat healthy mono-saturated fat, which includes avocado, nuts, and help to lose belly fat. The low dairy products are equally important. Replace the curd with yogurt.

5) Maximise the intake of water, green tea and other healthy beverages rather than sodas and dairy drinks.

6) There is no program which basically sticks on single part of human body. So, in order to shed the fat from the sides of your stomach area, you need to even shed fat from your belly. The overall fat of body must reduce to lose from a single body part.

7) Here are few exercises that would help you to lose the side fat and trim it down:

 1) Sideways Bending-All you need to do is lean on your left side with your feet together. Your right hand should support your right temple and your left arm should stay straight down. Bend your body to the left slowly and to the right. Repeat the procedure with the other side.


2) Sideways plank:  Use your right side to lean against the floor. Your forearm should be right there in the front and your feet one on the other. Breathe out and slowly lift your body using your forearms as a support. Breathe in and squeeze in your muscles of the stomach. You shall have to stay in that position for 30 seconds at least an then restart the same thing again.



3) Standing dumbbell:  Keep your feet apart than your shoulders and make your right arm suspend a dumbbell sideways. Keep the bend to a level that your fingers touch your left temple.


4)  Side bends :Lean down to your left like a tea pot and slide up your right arm holding the dumbbell and slide down the dumbbell on your left towards your left foot. Repeat on the other side.


A regular workout and healthy meal would help you trim down the side fat. So stay positive, stay strong.