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Going for bodyweight exercises

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There are different types of workouts and exercises that you can take up to stay healthy and fit. Different workouts offer different benefits. The one type of workout that you can start right away, right at your home without many equipment or weights is bodyweight exercise. As the name suggests, it uses your body weight in the workouts to get the benefit of regular exercise and strength training. Why should you go for bodyweight exercises? Let’s find out.


Super efficient workouts

Bodyweight workouts are super efficient. If your focus is keeping healthy and fit and developing definition and muscles, bodyweight exercises can help you a lot. They offer awesome fitness gains within a very short time. You do not need any equipment and so you don’t waste any time on adjusting them. It’s easy to start bodyweight workouts and you can quickly transition from one to another exercise. The shorter rest times will also help you to boost your heart rate and burn lots of calories.

Combining cardio and strength training

It is possible to combine cardio and strength training in your body weight workout. If you don’t have lots of time in your hand and you want to go for both cardio and strength training, bodyweight exercises will let you do both within a short duration. You can mix quick bodyweight cardio sessions or Burpees or jumping jacks in between your strength training. It will offer you benefits of both the exercises within your scheduled time for exercise. Including cardio in between muscle and strength development will help you to get the benefits of cardio including a perfect heart.

More on fast fat burning

With bodyweight exercises, you’ll be able to burn more fat and burn them quickly. If you want to lose a few pounds, just a few minutes of bodyweight circuit training can help you to lose that by improving your metabolism. You can try that by adding a few sets of bodyweight exercises in between your present workouts.

Increase flexibility

Bodyweight exercises use your body and as a result, you are able to increase your flexibility. With the regular resistance training, it is possible that you are ending with tight muscles, or inflexible joints due to a mistake in using the machines or weights. Since in bodyweight training, you are using bodyweight exercises that go a full range of motion, it will help you to ensure that your joints are moving freely. That will improve your posture, besides reducing the possibility of injury during training. Bodyweight exercises for strength and flexibility can be used together. Yoga is another bodyweight-based workout that will help you to improve flexibility and at the same time will improve your strength.


Bodyweight exercises offer you convenience. Convenience is a big positive feature. People often mention no time or inconvenience as their reason for not exercising. When you are using bodyweight exercises, you can do them as and when you want. You don’t have to go anywhere since you can do it right at your home and you don’t need any specific machine or weights. So, you can go for bodyweight exercises as and when you feel like it. He can squeeze in these workouts wherever you are. You can do it for stress relief or build your body or keep yourself healthy and fit. You can do it at your home or even in a hotel room if you are travelling.

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