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The best bodyweight exercises for building muscle

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There are many bodyweight exercises which can help you to stay fit and look good and build muscle. Among them there are some bodyweight exercises which are better than others. Let’s find out which are the Best bodyweight exercises which can help you to build muscle.


This is a classic exercise which will learn as one of the first exercises. It is often performed for building muscle mass. It can help you in building size, strength and definition in your chest. It will also help your biceps and triceps depending on how you perform it. There are different variations of push-ups available like diamond, while greed, close grip push-ups and they target different parts of your chest.


Pull-ups are necessary for building muscle mass as they can help you to build your upper body strength. They are the ultimate test of your upper body strength. Initially, as a beginner, it can be difficult for you to perform bodyweight pull-ups but after some time you’ll be able to do it and you will be able to see the benefits it has to offer. At the beginning, you can use an assisted pull up machine or you can ask someone for a spot.


One of the most important exercises is squat. It is a compound or multi-joint exercise and that is why it targets multiple muscles. Squats will help you by building overall strength. When you perform squats, it will not only help your core, your legs and lower back, but it will also increase your strength to perform other exercises better.


Tips are generally performed on parallel bars. Such birds are generally available at the gym or at the park nearby. However, you can modify it and use a pair of chairs or a bench in a gym for performing dips. These are good for you as they target your chest and triceps. There are different variations and you can try all of them or anyone that you can perform better.

Walking lunges

If you add walking lunges to your workout routine, it will help you tremendously to build strength in your legs. It targets your lower body and will get your legs in shape. Instead of walking, you can perform walking lunges. If you do not have enough space to perform walking lunges properly, you can also go for standing lunges.


If you are looking for a ripped midriff, you will need planks. If your core is not ripped, your physical is not complete. Planks are the perfect exercise to target your core. Having a strong core also has other benefits like helping you to lift heavier weights because a strong core will stabilise your body. There are different variations and you need to understand a few things before you try this. However whatever variation you choose, it will definitely help you

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