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How exercise can improve your love life

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The healthiest people are also the happiest. However, happiness is not always derived from oneself. Sometimes you need an external factor to improve your life and one of them is your relationship with your partner.

If you aren’t happy, you can’t keep others happy. Similarly, if you aren’t healthy, your lovelife won't be healthy either.

If you want to find out how, read on.

Ride It

Who knew? Cycling can be fantastic for your sex life. A study recently explained that men with heart conditions who regularly performed any form of exercise, including cycling, can actually perform much better in the bedroom due to increased blood circulation throughout the body. This includes the genital area as well but this benefit is not limited to men, women too can have the same effects. Therefore, scheduling a cycling session with your partner won’t be such a bad idea to start the weekend.

Any type of physical exertion can get your heart rate up and improve blood circulation. Better circulation means that your organs, including the genitals will receive a richer supply of blood and nutrients. This also reduces a person’s risk of age-related sexual decline and a loss of libido due to reduction of sexual hormones in the body as a person ages.

Moreover, exercise also gives you a better sense of your body and its ability to work. This will allow you to have better sex with your partner and thus, improve your lovelife.

Check Your Meds

The irony here is that the medications you and your partner may be taking to stay healthy could be the reason for your lack of physical connection. Many pills and drugs have passion-dulling side effects and the biggest offenders are blood pressure drugs that slow down blood circulation. Antidepressants subdue you leading to medication-related sexual problems.

Healthy Is the New Hot

Okay, so this is new. We always knew women had intuition but this is ridiculous. Still true. Men with a strong immune system are naturally more attractive to women. The researchers admitted to a strong link between testosterone and facial attractiveness. In other words, men with higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of the stress hormone-cortisol have much stronger immune systems and are the number one choice of women.

Eat Right and Be Sexy

Here's another reason to choose kale salad for lunch. Eating a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. Both sexes agree that a radiant, golden complexion that can only be obtained from a diet including plant-based foods gave the most appealing look. More specifically, the brighter the color, the more glow you add to your skin. Therefore, eat right and healthy and you can astir your love life to the sky.

Make That Body Work

The gym is not only a place wear you exercise to lose weight or gain muscle, it is much more.  A boost of adrenaline and sweat is the right recipe for a great love life. People who exercise rigorously are most likely going to do better at a date than those who don’t. Universally, men who played sports are seen as more attractive than those who do not.

Get Your Sleep

Sleeping a good 8 hours is not only good for your mental and physical health but also for your sexual well being. It makes you more relaxed, less anxious and more energetic for every possible encounter, pun intended.