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Women and erectile dysfunction

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Even though dealing with erectile dysfunction may be awkward and embarrassing for many people, women can take a very important role in finding a solution for erectile dysfunction problem of her partner.

One for the first time your partner is not able to get the erection, various thoughts may show up in your head. You may think that-I am not attractive anymore, easy having an affair? Is he gay, he's not attracted to me anymore. However, actually it may be just a simple case of erectile dysfunction or ED. And there are different solutions available for such problems.


Understanding the feeling

Women need to understand how the men feel about erectile dysfunction. It's a big blow to his ego and self esteem and it's very embarrassing. As such, communication about sex can be very awkward for many people and when erectile dysfunction happens, it can be worse.

Many people who suffer from erectile dysfunction goes into denial at first and that can complicate things more. If you're denying something, it is more likely that you're not going to seek professional treatment for your problem. Having a problem with erection is very shameful and embarrassing for many men and it complicates the matter. As a woman you can try to understand the feelings of your partner and help him in finding the right solution for his problem.

Because we have a social image of man, which is strong and rugged, erectile dysfunction becomes more than a medical condition. It becomes a matter of pride and so as a woman you need to be very careful while discussing this problem with your man.

What may be the main cause?

Various factors are attributed to erectile dysfunction problem. Different underlying issues may result in this problem. Issues like Stress at work or home, concern about job stability may also result in erectile dysfunction problem. Sometimes it may happen for no reason at all. After one or two incidents, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead of being in an arousal, men are more tensed and anxious about their performance because it did not happen well the last one or two times. To have a proper erection your partner need to be relaxed. When your partner is anxious, tensed or fearful, the problem may become bigger. If it is happening recurrently, then you need to take your partner to a doctor.

Can you help him?

You can actually help him. You can not only give him the necessary psychological support at this crucial juncture, you can also take him to a doctor and get the necessary medical help. Since your man will be in denial, it may be a big task to get him to a doctor and talk openly about it. You need to see a doctor to ensure that there is no medical condition that is causing erectile dysfunction problem. High blood pressure, heart or thyroid problems, diabetes or any nerve related problems can also cause erectile dysfunction in men. Your doctor will be able to find out if your partner is suffering from any of these problems and if such medical conditions are causing any trouble with your sex life.

While talking to your partner, you have to be very gentle and not focus on the performance aspects. You can also accompany him to the doctor and help him understand that some simple medicines may also cure this problem. You should never blame him or become furious with him for not performing because that will worsen the situation. If you stay positive, it will help him to become positive as well.


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