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Effective treatments for erectile dysfunction

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The following techniques can help you to fight erectile dysfunction and get rid of this serious problem.


Be careful with the blood pressure medicine

If you are taking blood pressure medicines, you have to be very careful about them because the wrong blood pressure medicine can damage your erectile function. It can also worsen the problem if you already have it. Angiotensin receptor blockers can improve your blood pressure without the negative effects. So, talk to your doctor and find out if you are taking the right medicines and whether the medicines are affecting your manhood in any way.

Red Korean ginseng

This is an Asian herb and it is believed that it can increase the flow of blood to the penis. If you want to improve your sexual function, this herb can help you. It is available in different formats and under different brands. Red Korean ginseng is different from Asian or American ginseng.

Brush and floss your teeth daily

Even though it may seem unrelated to the problem of erectile dysfunction it has a relation to it. When you keep your teeth clean it will prevent gum infections. Gum infections can result in inflammation which can impact the penis. It may stifle the penis instead of stiffening it. If you have any periodontal problem, when you treat your problem, it will improve erectile function after a few weeks. So having a periodontal examination every year besides keeping your teeth clean and bright will also help you with your erectile dysfunction problem.


If you are overweight, it may be another cause of erectile dysfunction and in that case exercising regularly and losing weight can help you to reverse erectile dysfunction problem. Even any other man with a normal health can use a healthy lifestyle and weight loss to get rid of this problem. Researchers found that obese man with ED could reverse their problem after they started working out and losing weight. If you have too much flab, it is bad for you because it increases inflammation and converts testosterone to estrogen and both of them are not very good for you in your sexual performance. When you exercise, you also reduce the possibility of ED by 70% when compared to people who do not exercise regularly.

Find the right pill for you

Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are some of the drugs available for treatment of erectile dysfunction. This and more blood to the penis but the formulations are different and so they may work differently for different people. Cialis works for 24 to 48 hours and on the other hand Viagra or Levitra works for 4 hours.

Pelvic floor exercises

These are the specific exercises that you need to do to improve your sexual health. These are the muscles that help you to hold urine back. If he can strengthen them that will help you by improving your erectile function. A study found that 75% of men who participated in the study found that their erectile function was improved with the pelvic floor muscle exercise. When you stand in your pelvic floor muscles it will work like a base for the erection and will keep the blood where it is needed. To do this exercise, you need to contract the muscles and then hold for 10 seconds. Do not tighten the muscles in your thighs, butt or abdomen. After 10 seconds, relax and repeat this process several times. First you can try it lying and then sitting and then standing. This exercise will help you to maintain direction for a longer duration and reverse your ED problem.

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