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Rapamycin Could Be the Drug to Prevent Aging Problems

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Finally, researchers have found a drug that can keep you from aging signs and related problems. Rapamycin, the drug, is going to be your anti-aging remedy soon. Researchers who were involved in the research and study of Rapamycin drug found this drug very effective in delaying the aging process. The effects of aging signs can be reduced to a significant level with the help of this drug. Therefore, it would not be wrong if you prefer calling it a fountain of youth.

In the early experimental stages of Rapamycin, it is found that this drug strengthens the immune system which is again one of the essentials when it comes to look young. The older adults, who were kept on a version of Rapamycin, were later found to have 20 percent stronger immune system. More specifically, their immune response was higher to a flu vaccine.

Novartis, the drug maker, and the researchers involved also shared some vital information. According to them, anti-aging drug, Rapamycin, particularly works on a genetic signaling pathway that directly affects the immune function and aging.

Dr. Nir Barzilai who is also the director of the Institute for Aging Research at a renowned College of Medicine said that the study done has brought amazing results before all of us. Rapamycin comes from a class of drugs we call mTOR inhibitors in medical terms. Intriguingly, mTOR inhibitors have been found very powerful in reducing the aging effects in mice and some other animals. Though Mr. Barzilai was not actively involved in the study yet he knows that the study done is one of the first studies. In fact, he said that this study clearly shows the wonderful anti-aging effects of these drugs.

According to Barzilai, the anti-aging drug can be used to combat aging and aging related issues. He said that we are all pretty excited after having the results of the study as it could be a major turning point. It can lead us to having a dependable anti-aging medicine.

The executive director of Novartis has also come up with the potential negative effects of anti-aging drug on mammals. Generally, mTOR boosts the healthy growth in the body. However, mammals may tend to have some adverse effects as they grow older and older with the time.

We know that anti-aging problems cause so much panic and hence this drug is really a great achievement. Experimentally, when Rapamycin was given to mice, it seemed as if the lifespan of the mice has extended which clearly shows the delay that took place in aging problems.

It's interesting to know that the researchers went on deeper in their research. They investigated if this drug would be able to help aged people who have lesser power to combat infections. Only in the United States, nine out of every ten older people die because of the problems related to influenza. Usually, the older people having ages 64 “ 65 come are found unable to fight against flu infections.

People who underwent experiment were given very specific doses of experimental version of Rapamycin. And those people developed twety percent more antibodies. Study also shows that while researching, researchers also found that the people who were kept on the dose of drug were running short of white blood cells in their bodies. We would like to tell you that white blood cells play an important role in the immune related issues.

Altogether, researchers are very excited and they call it the first baby step in the field of aging medications. They also know that there is more to be done in order to come up with an ultimate remedy.